Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park: A Crystal Clear River that is Worth the Visit

The beautiful Abuan River is situated in Cabisera 10, the eastern part of the City of Ilagan, Isabela Province. A part of our visit in Ilagan, Isabela for the Mammangi Festival was a visit to this newly reopened tourist destination. With the sweltering, abnormally high heat index we have been having during the month of late April to May, this was a welcome respite for us in between covering the week long Mammangi Festival. 

Fast Facts about Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park

A part of the Northern Sierra Madre National Park, it averages an elevation of 82 meters above sea level. It was rehabilitated recently to be a cleaner and safer place to be. Thus Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park is born. 

Known to be the clearest river in the province, villagers and tourists visit here to do picnics, hiking, swimming, rafting, kayaking and other water activities. The sheer and towering cliffs and mountains surrounding the river are breathtaking. 

In part of the City Government of Ilagan to be a livable city by 2030, they added to the task of making sure this beloved place is rehabilitated and well maintained, ready to accommodate tourists without losing its splendor. So that present and future generations can also enjoy this natural wonder. We went during the dry season,which is probably why it looked more like a beach. Locals told us that during the wet season it is large and impressive.

Local people like the Agtas living near the tourist spot were also hired as life guards as well as tourist guides around the eco park. Others are tasked to maintain the cleanliness around the park.

Activities that you can do in Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park

With the reopening, additional facilities were added. You can now enjoy water adventure rides like kayaks, boats, pedalboats, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to get you to the viewpoint of Abuan River. 

The ATV we used to get up the viewpoint, featuring Sir Benjie Layug of Business Mirror and Ms. Elvie Altez of Abante

Dora este Nix in her nasisilaw sa ganda ng kalikasan era. Shot in the Viewpoint of Abuan River in Ilagan, Isabela

Some of the spots where you can take photos. Of course, I was just fooling around with friends here. hahaha!

In the swimming area of Abuan River. Quite a strong current, but really clear waters!

We got to try out jet skiing, rode a boat to get to the better side of the river, and let me tell you, the water was clear as crystal, cool and inviting. There were no bubbles and it smelled clean.

Amenities and price in Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park:

There are of course clean toilets, a space provided for sale of merchandise like floaties, sunglasses and hats, as well as food like halo halo, and of course, grilled corn on the cob. 

There are cottages available in a couple of sizes, starting at Php300 for 2.5 x 2 m, and : Php500 for 3 x 3 m., Others available are their Canopy and Umbrella priced at Php500  and Php150 respectively. And the best part is that clean toilets are available. 

Other things to do along with its price in Abuan River:

  • Pedal boating: Php150 for 30 mins
  • Boating: Php200 for 45 mins., maximum of 8 pax
  • Crystal-clear kayaking: Php150
  • Paragliding (15 mins.): Php2,500
  • Paramotor (15 mins.): Php2,500
  • Jetski (15 mins.): Php1,200
  • Motorboat (15 mins., maximum of 6 pax): Php500
  • Water tubing (maximum of 6 pax): Php500
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV): Php250 (small, 15 mins.), Php400 (small, 30 mins.), Php300 (big, 15 mins.) and Php500 (big, 30 mins.)
A minimal environmental fee will be collected per head.

This is one of those places in Northern Luzon that you really have to go to if you want to see the splendor of nature at its finest. From what I remember, there are also waterfalls you can visit within the cliffs near the river. 

To know more details about Abuan River Adventure and Eco Park, you can check out:

City Tourism Office
2/F, City Hall Bldg., 3300 City of Ilagan, Isabela
Tel: (078) 624-1511
E-mail: tourism@cityofilagan.gov.ph.

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