Bobbie Cosmetics Dare To Bare Mattifying Face Primer| Nitty Gritty Reviews

I guess I'm gonna say that this certain make up is "for ME". Why?

Cause I was supposed to buy another makeup primer at Watson's, and SM Sucat has two of those. And both places doesn't have the primer I initially wanted- the Quick FX no shine Mattifier...

When I stumbled upon the shelf full of something new to my eyes- Bobbie Cosmetics. I tested out their Poof! concealer, lipsticks and pressed powders but I am saddened that they don't have a liquid foundation when I checked it out.


Then I saw their Dare to Bare Mattifying Face Primer and I was torn on weather I should buy it or not. In the end I thought that if I can't get it out of myself within the day then I'll come back tomorrow and I set out to try and find reviews of the stuff. There was none, but I did see a contest being held by Bobbie Cosmetics themselves, and I entered it. I was thinking that this must be for me to try out if I win said contest and...

Well I won, and now I have something new to review and rave about with you guys! YAY! So without further ado, let's see the nitty gritty of this primer!

The Nitty Gritty: (as seen on the box)


Prime, Prep and perfect your skin with Bobbie Cosmetics Dare to Bare Mattifying Face Primer and give your face the ideal base that allows make up to glide on and blend beautifully for an even, flawless makeup application. Contains skin friendly matifying actives that reduce shine and prolong foundation wear.

Longevity, Finish and Swatches:

Stuff is pretty amazing as it can instantly "velvetize" your face into a matte canvas, and I love how it can help my (oiliest type/dewy) foundation last way longer than it should.

I'm also quite happy as all I need is this baby and some finishing powder and my face can stay oil free for at least 5 hours in the humid Manila weather, including the t-zone area, if I'm having a good skin day and don't want to put in too much.


It comes off smoky white to a clear water color as it dries down. It's also quite light on the face which is a plus factor for me.

Look and Packaging:

This is where the hype goes down a few notches. I mean, I like the look and feel of the packaging, and it is a great idea to have a pump for a primer for hygienic purposes, but what negates it is the fact that the nozzle of said pump is poking out the cap.. here, just see it for yourselves.

I mean COME ON PEOPLE!!! What's a cap if not for covering stuff... and how is it supposed to do it's job with a right proper cut on it eh?? (Okay, rant about that over)

And it's the same reason why I can't let go of the box and thus making it a bit bulky in my travel make up kit.. :3 I'd give this one a 2 out of 5 stars for packaging.

Price and where to buy:

Got mine free as a raffle winner, but I noticed that this is available in most leading department stores (just look for the Bobbie Cosmetics stalls) and Watson's stores in Manila. Not that sure on the provinces though. Oh, and this sells for 245.00 Php.. :) #Affordable!


I'd give this one a 4 out of 5 stars cause at the end of the day, it's not the packaging that matters much but the performance of the product, and I gotta say that since it lives up to it's claims and better that I did NOT receive any bumps, this is one primer to buy again and again and again! :)


  1. Hi Nicole! I've been looking for a primer that's easy on the pocket. Thanks for the review! :)