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I had a fun time last week when one of my friends celebrated his birthday and coincidentally, we had planned to try out this modern little spot around Katipunan in Makati- Angel's Pizza.h

The place is pretty modern, and I feel like stepping into a fast food joint in America cause of the woodsy and modern ambiance and fixtures. And for a relatively small space, it's actually quite maaliwalas, cause of the mirrors in place. I had asked around and got myself a drink, their service is pretty good, especially since it's around lunchtime that I got there and the place is packed to the brim.

So without further ado, here are the stuff that made my tastebuds and me smile:


I love this Pinoy-esque  Classic Spaghetti that Angel's has. It's not too sweet and not too sour too. I feel like this is the perfect marriage of Pinoy sweet spaghetti and the classic italian marinara. :3


This Cheesy Lasagna is pretty impressive for something that's worth 139Php and has quite a lot in. Lots of herbs and ricotta cheese and all the yummy gooeyness that you would want to expect in a lasagna.. This is served with a side of breadsticks that has half cooked garlic bits.



This one is their Chicken Aloha which I would like to point out is VERY LOADED with toppings of chicken chunks, pineapple, bbq sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese, ham, good ole bacon and bellpeppers. Best taken in with their lasagna for a filling contentment for the tummy.


This one I got really addicted to- the Creamy Garlic and  5 Cheese Pizza that's served in thin crust. Seriously, I am so contemplating to having this one for those nights of celebration or when you need a pulutan partner for your beer. Also, it's important that if you get this you have to try it out with their ...


6-Pcs. Buffalo Wings(Php 199.00). This is not THAT hot, but there is that kick that you would expect in any decent buffalo wing dish. I think it's better suited to the taste of most pinoys as it is not that sour for my taste but most of my colleagues liked it. But they noticed that I was pretty much eyeing said dish the whole while we were there kaya napadpad sakin ang take out. And may I just reiterate that it tastes better the next day as you reheat it in a toaster oven. Seriously. TRY THIS ONE. You won't regret it. :) Okay, so I think that they could've served the Sourcream dip a bit more chilled to counter the hotness of the wings better, but aside from that it's perfect.



For dessert we had their Brownie Squares(Php 92.00), and this is more of the fudgy brownie type. This I know will be a hit with the kids when I come back here. it also comes in with a chocolate dip but the brownies were enough for me to satisfy them damn sweet tooth. :3

Angel's Pizza

1 Constellation Street Corner Makati Avenue, Bel-Air, Makati City

Mon-Sat 10 AM-3AM/ Sunday 10 AM-12 MN

895-8888 or 899-3642

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