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I LOVE BUFFETS. Especially those buffets that let me try new stuff or new cuisines from all over the world, and one of those buffets that is on my top HIT list is Sambo Kojin in SM Southmall.

Sambokojin review
I am very much into Yakiniku cause of... well, you guessed it- Sambo Kojin and Pichi. I was introduced to this by my husband and he wanted me to have a go at it so the first time we went to Sambo Kojin was our 2nd Civil wedding anniversary... we had lots of fun that night and we were so full when we got out of the place.

Sambokojin review
And when we came back just recently this June, it's like we never left. The way they served the food, the ambiance, the delectable smell of different meats and marinades and rubs grilling made me feel at home. Of course, it also made me feel very excited cause finally after trying to save up for this restaurant and having to set it aside for other priorities, pichi and me were finally able to give in to our desires. So I'll just let the photos do the talking now. :3

Sambokojin review

Our usual fare of tender and thin slices of pork and beef, marinated in different delectable sauces up for grilling.. :3

Sambokojin review

There are those that came in on a stick, but I didn't like them much cause it's kinda tough unlike the meats that were rolled with cheese or mushrooms or asparagus and what not.. I love how Sambo Kojin has a wide variety of choices from tempuras to meats for yakiniku to different noodles, a diverse Sushi Bar (does happy dance) and soups and desserts for our consumption.

Sambokojin review

These are what my daughter Jenae had- grilled corn and cheese wrapped in bacon. And she really loved the stuff! The also have this roll meat that tastes like what you would get in pepper lunch, as it is marinated with a lot of garlic and peppercorn. When I took a bite, it was pretty much heaven. :)

Sambokojin review

The gyoza that looks like it's been soaked in chili is actually Kimchi Gyoza. I loved the thing as I'm finding myself to have a thing for Kimchi... the other two are your usual fare of pork gyoza.

Sambokojin review
Well, there is one thing that bothers me when we came back.. The original sauce that they have before, when they first opened is gone, and is replaced by a whole plethora of dips and sauces that I can't distinguish one from the other. And it kinda sucks cause one sauce is great for one type of meat and is yucky to taste for the others. So I just hope that by the next time we get back they will have the original sauce again. :3

Sambokojin review

We had a few desserts, and a birthday cake as the intention was to celebrate my Pichi's birthday that night. So yeah, AWESOME if I do say so myself. ;) And I know in my heart that I want to celebrate my upcoming birthday here soon. :)

Sambokojin review

Sambo Kojin

Food Street, Ground Floor, SM Southmall, Almanza, Las PiƱas City

Mon-Thu/ 11 AM- 2:30 PM, 5:30 PM-9:30 PM

Fri-Sat/10 AM-10 PM

Sun/10:30 AM-9:30 PM

(02) 511 7853/ (02) 511 7843

Till the next! :)

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  1. Love buffets too! But I havent tried Sambokojin yet! To think I feel that Ill enjoy it more than other known buffets because if the grilled fooood! These photos make me want to go this weekend :)


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