Sweets for my Sweet Potato Fries | Easy Kamote-Q Recipe

Sweet potato fries
Heya! As a mom I've always found myself in a bit of a quandary on what to make for my kids for a quick snack.. Until I found out how to make some kamote-q for myself, and I was stressing on how difficult it might be, well in fact it's actually pretty easy! So I've decided to share with you guys the low down on making the ever popular street food in the Philippines- Kamote -Q (Candied sweet potato fries)

Ingredients for Kamote Cue Recipe:

Sweet potato fries
    • Brown Sugar (As many as you want, try to make it proportional to how much sweet potatoes you're gonna use)
Sweet potato fries

  • Sweet potatoes (I recommend the ones that have brown skin and are pale orange within, as this type have more flavor within rather than the usual violet ones.)

  • Pomace Olive Oil, or vegetable oil for frying

How to Make Kamote Q:

Sweet potato fries

  • Rinse and peel your sweet potatoes, then chop them up to strips.

  • When you've finished chopping, start to heat up the frying pan or wok that you're gonna use. When it's hot enough, add in about a cup or two of oil in the pan and wait for it to form little bubbles, just like when you simmer water. That indicates that the oil is hot enough and ready for frying.

  • With your stove in medium heat, add in your sweet potatoes in batches. Make sure not to fill up the pan too much to let them cook through.

  • Halfway through letting the sweet potatoes cook, add in a quarter cup of brown sugar and mix it into the sweet potatoes. Wait for it to melt and you'll notice that as it melts, it will stick to two things- the sweet potatoes and your spatula.

Sweet potato fries
  • When the sugar is thoroughly melted and most have stuck onto the sweet potatoes, take them out of the pan and on to a strainer to let the excess oil out.

  • Place onto a plate and eat out! (Careful cause it's hot. ;) )
Hope that I helped you guys decide what to make for snacks today!
Sweet potato fries
Till the next :)

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