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I recently have been into buying makeup and replenishing my stash last July to August. I have may reasons, one is cause I'm still trying to look for an alternative to my beloved L'Oreal Super Blendable foundation, and another is because I have been obsessed with trying out Cosplay. Yep. I'll be showing you guys a few ideas for a Haloween costume and my interpretations of our favorite childhood characters soon so watch out for that one :)

So I've been testing this one out for weeks already and I think that it's time I gave you guys my views on one of the most affordable and great coverage foundations out there in the market- San San HD Liquid Foundation. :)

The Nitty Gritty:

It's claims are as follows: (Got them from the back of the box.)

Excellent Coverage for skin imperfections
Formulated with Vitamins A,C and E & SPF 30 for a healthier and naturally radiant skin
Oil Free Liquid Foundation. Blends superbly with any color cosmetics for a picture perfect look.

Coverage, Finish and Swatches:

This liquid foundation has 3 shades, and what I got for my skin is the darkest- Olive. I think I'm pretty lucky that it perfectly matches my skin tone and undertone. I'm a yellow undertone person by the way.
Coverage of this liquid foundation is amazeballs. I don't really need a separate concealer cause it does the job pretty well. I love using this one on my undereye area and my broken capillaries on certain parts of my face, cause a few blends and it's like it never was there. I've recently been using my fingers to blend this thing cause I haven't the time and money yet to get myself a decent sponge...



The finish is something that I'm quite saddened about cause I like my foundations on the semi dewy to matte effect. If it gives that perfect glow, like what I've experienced with other foundations that I have tried then I'm all for it, but most of the time I prefer matte. And as for San San's HD Liquid Foundation?

It's quite dewy. So much so that if I don't set it with powder it will look like I can fry bacon and eggs all over my face(Combination to oily skin here.) . And even if I DO set it with finishing powder then I still have to double check every couple of hours and use 2 sheets or more of oil blotting paper just to make my face not look like an frying pan. And to think it claims itself as an Oil Free Foundation... hmmm...

Without primer, this liquid foundation can only last 3 hours on my skin with the traffic of the metro and MRT hassles, and that is partnered by the fact that I tend to over perspire with this foundation on. But no worries if I have my tissue or hankie to blot out the perspiration. It doesn't transfer as much as you would think. :)

With a mattifying or oil control primer, this lasted me around 5 hours without retouch. But then by that time I'm starting to look like said frying pan I mentioned earlier.

But for the price of this baby, I think it's acceptable. Besides, I tried to work-around that little set back and I have found it in the shape of a really good mattifying primer. And after that I'm in love with this foundation all over again :)

*UPDATE: If you want to check out a couple of new shades from the same line, I have a swatch post here with their Tan and Silk variant, and I'll be updating that post more within the week for a more complete swatch. :) *

Look and Packaging:

I honestly like the matte glass and pump packaging of San San, and I am not privy to color as well, but I do wish that they had made the purple cover and pump matte too. This would be because I have this pet peeve of having to wipe the fingerprints off the cap with tissue, and I feel as if I'm, turning into one of those neat freaks cause of my obsessive need to not make the cap of said liquid foundation not become a crime scene with all the fingerprints it's been able to acquire...

Price and where to buy:

This I bought at an HBC Kiosk in Robinson's Manila for a price of 205Php. Yep. And I also got myself an eyebrow pencil for around 100+ pesos cause they had this ongoing freebie of buying 300 pesos worth of products and you get a cutesy manicure set for free. This is one of the reasons why I love San San's products- it's not hard on the wallet and you still get a decent make up. And a few freebies on the side. :)

I am totally gonna repurchase in the same shade if ever I run out. It's the perfect everyday foundation and aside from the frying pan look I get without any primer or no retouch after 2 hours, it is pretty much a great buy. And since I found my solution to that setback with the Bobbie Cosmetics Dare to Bare Mattifying face primer, then I'm all set. There also is a certain coconut-chocolate smell that goes away after a minute, just a heads-up. Also, don't forget to set it with powder when using this certain foundation as extra help to keep the oilies at bay.

By the way, I've read a few reviews of this foundation that says the oil control is very impressive. Hmm, maybe I just have really weird skin eh?

Rate: 4 out of 5



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