Celeteque Blush and Face Contour Kit in Pink | Nitty Gritty Reviews

Hi! It's been quite a long time since I had the chance to review new makeup for you all! And fret no more, because after a long hiatus from 'beauty' blogging, this Chic Lady is BACK! And first up on the review list is Celeteque DermoCosmetics Blush and Face Contour kit. So read on below to check if it's a YAY! or a NAY! okay? :)


The NItty Gritty(As taken from the website):

Define and highlight your beauty with a 3-in-1 easy-to-blend formulation of luxurious blush powder, cheek luminizer, and contour blush.

Get to know the powerful skin care ingredients:

  • Mica for skin clarity and radiance

  • Rosy White Crystals for longer-lasting color

  • Castor Oil that fights skin aging

  • Multivitamin Herbal Complex (Vitamins A, E, F, H, and B) that soothes and protects skin from irritation

  • Combination of mineral gems, diamond, tourmaline, and sapphire that exfoliates skin and reveals healthy glowing complexion


Very simple and chic. What I love about their packaging is although it's white, fingerprints can't be seen so it won't look dirty. It's one of my pet peeves. Also, it's quite light and travel friendly. I especially love the fact that it has a big ass mirror. It's one of my problems whenever I'm doing makeup on the go- need maghanap ng malaking mirror hehehe.. :)


Swatches, Variants, Longevity:

I believe this has 2 shades- Pink and Peach. I got the Pink kit one, and I believe that the kit contains a contour powder, a matte blusher and a 'cheek luminizer. I work with simpler terms though, and its really a highlight powder. :D Here's how they look:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="427"]Celeteque_Swatches-0193 Top to bottom(no flash): Highlighter, blusher, contour powder[/caption]

A note first: there's an undeniable nice floral smell that fades quickly with this.

With the pink palette, you get a brown, non orange contour powder with really little unnoticeable shimmers, just enough to make the contoured part of the face still look like skin, unlike other matte contour powders that I have encountered. And no, I don't use bronzing powders as contour because the glow of those types of powder defeat the purpose of 'contouring'.

As for the blush it is a matte bright barbie pink. With that, I advice you to start out sheer and build as you desire.

The highlighter is a bit pink based in color and though it looks overwhelming on this swatch, it is really quite subtle and natural in person, and once blended.

The great thing about this contour and blusher kit is that the product is buttery in texture than chalky. I love how it's easy to blend on the face as well, especially the blush and contour. The color is not overwhelming and is quite buildable. You can put it on as sheer as you like or as vibrant as you want.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="427"]Celeteque_Swatches-0188 Top to bottom( with flash): Highlighter, blusher, contour powder[/caption]

For my skin type, this can last for around 4 hours, before the blush will fade away from my skin, and same goes for the contour. It's really how blushers and contours go with my skin, ever since I was little I always felt and saw na kinakain kaagad ng cheeks ko yung blush after some time. :)


Price and Where to Get:

This is the deal breaker for some ladies out there who are on the frugal side. This sells for Php 845.00 in most leading department stores and watson's drugstores nationwide. But when you think about it, you're not just paying for quality makeup here, you're also getting something that is nourishing for the skin. 


Would I buy it again? Yeah, if only to check out the peach palette, to use for my possible clients in the future, when I do makeup for them :)


  1. I'm planning for a while now to try out contouring.. I should really just give it a try. It's just that am very pale and it can go wrong easily haha. Need to practice at home at first. How long do you usually spend contouring? Do you do it on a daily basis?

  2. I only do contouring for special occasions to be honest. It's because I don't really wear makeup everyday, but I just enjoy the art that can be created with it. But it's really easy though, if you take your time to blend the product well and avoid harsh lines... :)