Spray some confidence and Say it with Swish!

Here's a common occurrence for me, which I'm pretty sure has happened to most moms/ working ladies who have to rush early out in the morning: So you wash your face, do your makeup, make sure that lipstick you're rocking is on point, and all of a sudden when you walk out the door you remember that you forgot to brush. Your teeth.


Yeah, it's happened to me most of the time, and my usual trick for this is to have some mints in my bag, or chewing gum, but the freshness that these give last for only a couple of minutes.

For real.

So yeah, it's 'dyahe' (embarrassing) especially when I have to talk to my daughter's teacher or the other parents in school, or even when I've commuted the whole day and have to finish my day with a work meeting. Mints can only take me so far, and sometimes I tend to second guess myself if I'll give my opinion on something just because of this issue.

So a couple of weeks ago, my husband showed me this funny skit about a guy having to propose to this girl... But then, well... you have to watch this one till the end! ;)


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Pretty funny yes? :) Well, at least he got his confidence boosted and Swish Breath Spray helped him give his 'business' proposal going on! :) So anyways, Unilab has come up with these super handy Swish breath sprays. This is a great innovation to the usual mouthwash because it's so handy and can fit in any small kikay bag, or even the pocket of my skinny jeans, for instant fresh breath that actually lasts! Plus, it’s alcohol free so it doesn’t sting. Because when you're a kikay mom who's always in a hurry, who has the time to gargle? It’s so much easier to just spray and get instant fresh breath, right?


Why I'm loving Swish Breath Spray:

  • It actually kills the bad bacteria to make our breaths fresh. Unlike mints that just mask the odor.

  • Super handy. It fits in your purse, even in your pocket!

  • Sugar-free and alcohol-free.

  • 2 great flavors to choose from: Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh.

Where to Buy?

Swish breath sprays are available in:

  • Mercury Drug

  • Watsons

  • South Star Drug

  • Robinsons

  • Puregold

  • Shopwise

  • and other select drugstores/supermarkets nationwide


I’m so glad to have found an extra boost of confidence whenever I have to attend blog meets, school and work meetings . Instant fresh breath on the go, that lasts! :)

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