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Get ready for a barge of lipstick posts in the upcoming days! I went to Fashion 21's  21 pesos sale (the first wave) last summer, and after trying out and testing the lipsticks I bought there, I'm finally ready to give you a proper review on them. I'm starting with the Fashion21 Aqualicious Lipstick in 2 colors: Hawaiian Berry and Feather Star.

The Nitty Gritty (As taken from Fashion21 Cosmetics site):
Aqualicious feels more like a balm than a lipstick—it’s amazingly moisturizing and contains Vitamin E—but it still provides the rich color of a normal lipstick. This product is perfect for lips that go dry during the day, and it’s available in a wide range of 10 different colors—from pink to nude—to fit any social event


These babies are housed in a sky blue twist plastic tube that can easily reassure you it's locked with a 'click'. The blue is supposed to remind you of the sea and Ariel, but for me, it reminds me more of the sky.. Perhaps if they made this into a darker blue, it would be better suited to the name...


Price and Where to Buy:

You can grab these babies at your local Fashion21 counter in department stores and drugstores and kiosks. Normally, they're 175 a pop, but I got these for 21 pesos each at the sale.


Fashion21 Aqualicious Lipstick shades are 10 in total, but I'll be discussing the ones that I got.  I might add another Fashion21 Aqualicious Lipstick review of Red Sea later in the month, so watch out for that. :)

These, as the name suggests, are more on the satin, creamy finish. Take note though that they don't have that waxy feel, and to me it felt more like having hydration on my lips. This is coming from a girl who despises lipbalm because it makes my lips feel tacky than usual. Perfect for an everyday makeup look that won't darken your lips easily. Another plus is that they don't apply sheer, as color payoff is awesome at even just one swipe on the lips :) If you have dry lips, you may experience the lippie settling on the fine lines of the lips, so exfoliate! ;)

Fashion21_Swatches-0248The shade Hawaiian Berry is a soft nude pink. Think of the color of Happy Skin- Hold My Hand and this is pretty close- with a heaping helping of glitz. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shade and it would have been my staple had it not been for the glitters. I like most things shining shimmering splendid like any other medyo kikay girl out there, (Bulalo is also shining shimmering splendid yes? ;3 )but the glitter on this one can be attributed as 'chunks'. At ang dami nila! (And there's an overdose of the buggers!)


Feather star on the other hand has minimal and very subtle glitter. This is also their newer packaging. The color is more of a fuchsia on the tube but it really is this very creamy soft but electrifying pink when worn.


Longevity wise, it can last for around 3-4 hours without eating, and if you have to eat, well, get ready to retouch cause these Fashion21 Aqualicious Lipstick fades. Another thing why I didn't like the Hawaiian Berry formulation is because I tend to think of all the glitter that I could be eating with my food. hahahaha! As for the Feather Star shade, I like it enough, but the color doesn't suit me now that I got tanned over the summer. I have Club Balai Isabel and Sitio Biga to thank for that and the awesome experiences. XD



Would I buy them again? I'll probably try out the other shades like Red Sea and Warm Salmon, and if they take out the glitter in these lipsticks I will definitely repurchase because I love the 'hydrating' and non tacky feel I get from wearing these. :)

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