Upgraded Yummy Buffet Dishes for Less than 500 Pesos at Cabalen SM Bacoor!

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A couple of days before Mom's day came this 2017 I got the chance to try out some of Cabalen's dishes! I got in specifically at SM Bacoor, which is known to be the only Cabalen place where they serve Oysters and Tahong.Their price is at 295Php per person for a buffet. That's just the begining! Check out my vlog on the Cabalen Exerience below!


The place at SM Bacoor is very spacious and screams Pinoy Fiesta at it's finest. :D Here are some of what we ate:
The pritchon Batok which is their lechon...

Really yummy and classic ginataang kuhol/escargot :D This is one of my favorite dishes to eat in a fiesta and I'm loving that I can go kuhol all you can here. <3 <3 <3

This is one of their newest things- The Pritchon wrap. Think shawarma but pinoy, with Cabalen's lechon/pritchon as your main, add in some singkamas and cucumber atop some pita bread and add in your sauce. I loved this and I will be coming back to Cabalen for this and my other faves: the Kuhol, Caldereta and their salad bar which serves Lato (seaweed).  





They also serve merienda Buffet which has your fave Pinoy dishes like Puto and Diniguan and some sinukmani and lumpia for starters. :D


From what I heard, Cabalen in SM Bacoor is one of the branches that has the lowest buffet prices ever! Buffet prices are at 298Php for the All Pinoy Buffet, 398Php for the Filipino Asian buffet and 135Php for the merienda buffet*. All Cabalen branches nationwide gives 50% off to kids who are below 4 feet.. :D

Usually when you eat in a restaurant, you would spend around 400-500 Php for 2 persons and you would only get a little bit of food. Mas Sulit talaga pag buffet especially when I celebrate special occasions and this is why I am loving Cabalen! :D

*Prices are non inclusive of 12% vat :)


  1. Good to know it has low buffet prices. The spread looks delicious and filling too. You must have had a wonderful time on Mother's Day there. :) Noting the place just in case I get a chance to visit.

  2. The food presented are sumptuous and are must-try! I would love to visit it, too. Prices are affordable. Worth the money!