Kids enjoy and learn though play at the Johnson's Playcation in SM Southmall

"Mommy! Let's go to playground!"

That, and I love you is what Jenae and Rafael always says whenever they see me dressed up on the way to events or to the market. This day is a bit different, because they are also dressed up for some fun, thanks to Johnson's Playcation playgorund and event that happened last weekend.
As a parent, I understand how important play is to kids, and with today's generation so absorbed in their gadgets, it is very important for them to get active and play. This is because they learn more and develop their different skills more when they play with their imagination and do something fun.

Heck, I think everyone remembers more stuff when it is associated with the word fun. :D Even work.

Rafael thinking of what to do with his puzzle piece

Johnson's Playcation event included 4 Playpods, like the Imagine And Seek above, letting their imagination run wild and have them create tents or trains and other things out of foam puzzle pieces.


Jenae really enjoyed the Fireball Away, which really develops a kid's concentration, timing and discipline to not get hit by the "fireballs"...

The water foam pieces below are also a great way for kids to build their castles out of, like what Rafael and Jenae are doing here.


Or a round of catch with us is also fine and fun!


Little Builders City encourages kids to build their own fort and we moms and dads can surely play along here.


In this Dragon Maze, kids have to find few "hidden" things, which helps them mold their motivation to win, as this is played in a certain timeframe.


Imaginative play has been proven time and again to be of a big help to a child’s optimum development. This is why we parents play an important role whenever we encourage and join our angels in playing games. Our role affects how the child perceives play a lot, so it’s crucial for us to give our children the necessary props to aid in their imaginative play.

PLUS think of all the great bonding experience! And those similes you get while and after playing with your kids! Play not only encourages learning but also memories that our kids can look to when they are older. :D


These playpods are available in SM Southmall until May 19th, and then they will be donated as part of the Johnson's CSR, so that kids around the Philippines can also learn and play!

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Thanks so much to Johnson's and Ogilvy for being a big part in our children's smiles! We had a fun filled adventure that day. <3

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  1. Thats a nice initiative not just for the kids but for the community at large. I learnt a new word, Playcation. New business concepts are throwing up newer terms. The kids too look cheerful and happy.