Travel Journal: Life's a Beach | Anguib, Cagayan Valley Photoblog


Traveling to Anguib, Cagayan Valley may not have been the easiest of tasks, but for this journey, my destination is as gorgeous as can be. My day starts with thoughts of blue sea and sky, calm weathers and I was not disappointed.


We camped here by this hut after coverage of Partakan 2017 events.


In fact, the white sand beach is a welcome surprise. I have never been to a beach that has "white sand" and I finally get it. The sand here is actually made of corals... Hence white sand. The time we went here which was around April, there was also no Algae/moss to think about...

I actually forgot my swimsuit (yes really idiotic, I know). So while waiting for our van, I really wanted to take some shots already. I DIY-ed my scarf into a passable beach outfit... What did you think? :D

Known by the locals as Turtle Island because of it's shape and by the vast number of turtles living in the area...

You can rent boats to go Island Hopping.. A boat for 9 heads costs around 2000 Php.


We went back to the hotel we were staying at though, so I had a chance to grab my actual swimsuit. :D It's from Bench for only 300 Php...

With Earth, Ruth and Rhea Bue <3


After all the photographs, I finally went for a dip in the beach
Surprisingly, the beach water here is not so stingy to the eyes. I don't know why, but that's my experience. :D

Camping out in Anguib is one of the best options because of the breeze and sunny skies... Just make sure to clean up after your mess and leave the place clean. :D


Sun is coming down... But people are still swimming and making the best of their summer <3



Sunsets are always a captivating sight. And I loved to take each and every photo of a sunset where ever I go...

Thank you Juan Manila Express for this wonderful shot <3

Enjoying the beach on a hammock.
At Anguib, Cagayan Valley, life is definitely a BEACH. <3

2017_0415_18152200 copy
Thanks to Ted Claudio of Wazzup PH for this shot <3


  1. Pretty shots! I enjoyed your photos, especially those with your solo silhouette shot against the sunset. I am now curious about Cagayan, because I am normally drawn to the usual "popular" destinations.

  2. Wow, I love all your photos Nicole... I've never visited Cagayan Valley yet but I am very eager to because I want to witness that Callao Cave... this made me realized that Cagayan Valley has really many other great paradise to offer! Hopefully I'll get the chance to visit this province soon :)

  3. Wow! So sexy! It looks like a beautiful place and must visit. I can't believe your suit is only Php300! Will be camping with my youngest soon. I hope it's enjoyable as your experience.

  4. Beautiful Cagayan beach! White sand beaches are really gorgeous and so are your shots. My personal favorites are your sunset photos which are captured well with drama. I'll bookmark this post when I have a chance to visit Cagayan.

  5. I do enjoy the beach but maybe not that much since I don't know how to swim. I hope someday I can swim too so I can do some blog post just like yours. Hahaha! I love your photos and you are definitely in a good shape. Your photos are amazing and it made me miss riding a boat.

  6. Great shots and an equally gorgeous model. The last image that had your sillhoutte is terrific.

  7. I love the first and last photo! The beach is lovely! Makes me want to go to the beach now. I was just trying to book a vacation for our family earlier. It's hard to get a good room now in resorts for the long weekend because it's already close. Hope we can reserve a room soon.

  8. OMG that's ruth and Earth! Which reminds me--- I need the beach pretty soon. I haven't been to this place so this would be a good option. I really really love the beach especially her eni the Philippines. I should find people who are willing to camp with me.