Supersized Appetites and Satisfaction with Neubake By Gardenia

NeuBake White Bread 300g FA Jan  31

With our children having more things to do and learn with summer outdoor recreational  activities, it's no wonder that their appetite also grows. That is why Moms make sure that there is always a good-tasting, yet affordable food that will satisfy their supersized appetites.

Practical Moms can now prepare more sandwiches for their kids using bigger bread slices but at an affordable price. Gardenia made it possible with its newly baked NeuBake Super Slice White Bread with bigger slices compared to your regular white bread. Gardenia’s newest product has 10 super slices, no ends, packed in a new generation horizontal packaging format. NeuBake Super Slice comes in a P29 super tipid pack! It’s Super Sulit, so the whole family can enjoy NeuBake anytime.

With NeuBake, you can make bigger sandwiches that will satisfy the biggest of appetites. And there’s no limit to what kind of sandwiches you can make with NeuBake. There are the classic sandwich recipes like ham and scrambled eggs, hotdog, or bacon. If your kids want something sweet, you can spread chocolate, peanut butter, or butter with sugar. You can serve it toasted, or as it is.

NeuBake is now available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide. The NeuBake Super Slice is also available in healthy Wheaten Bread variant. For more information about NeuBake, visit 

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