Pink and Coral Summer Makeup with Tutorial

Pink Summer Inspired Makeup look

Hey everyone! I missed doing tutorials and makeup looks! So I'm going back to the topic where it all started-MAKE UP and tutorials <3

This look is inspired by the sunny weather and the feels I get of the beach and summer in general. I used a bunch of corals and pinks and I hope you guys like it. Just click on the photo below to see the complete list of products and tutorial on Youtube.
Pink and Coral Summer Inspired Makeup look
Click on this photo for the Video Tutorial on Youtube!

This makeup is also great for those hot and sticky commute around the PH! Pretty and Durable!  <3
Pink and Coral Summer Inspired Makeup look

I am including some of my favorite products for summer 2017 with this.

Summer Moisturizer Nature Republic Aloe Gel

I am loving this Nature Republic Aloe Vera soothing gel as my day and night moisturizer because it is so light and gets easily absorbed by the skin. The mist version of this is also great, although I think there is a bit of alcohol content with it so for those with sensitive skin test it out first. :D
L'Oreal True Match Foundation
Click the photo for my review!

The L'Oreal True Match in W4. 5 is my HG Daily Liquid foundation. Pretty affordable and it is the perfect match for my skintone and undertone. What's not to love?
L'oreal Infallible 24 H
Click the photo for my review!

I recently roadtested the L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh for a couple of months, and I am impressed with the coverage it can give. Check out the full review when you click on the photo :D
Sebum Out by w.Lab
You can get this one at Althea! Click the photo for my review!

Miniso Eyeliner Pen

This is the Miniso Eyeliner Pen. It makes my life easier because pen type eyeliners have more stability. Posting a review of this soon!
Eyeshadow and blushes
Loving the orange blush so much I used it as eyeshadow too!

This Eyeshadow and Blush palette is actually from the dollar store,  is unbranded and was given to me by my auntie who is in US. So sorry if I can't disclose the brand, but that orange pinkish shade of blush is what I used for blush and eyeshadow...

That's it for my Summer Inspired makeup! Hope you liked it! So for you, what part of summer do you like the most? :D


  1. Aaaahhh! You're so pretty! I ues True Match too, but a diff shade hehe. It's a summery, mermaid-y look which suits you! The eyeliner looks good hehehe. Is it long-lasting? And also, ALOE VERA is LIFE, as of the moment, haha. Really refreshing on the skin don't you agree? :D

  2. Wow! This look seems so chic and simple. The colors you used are really giving that summer vibe! My attention focused on the eyeliner you got from Miniso. I'll be looking forward for your review for it!

  3. You look stunning. I really like this make up tutorial. The colors look wonderful with your skin. This is something I could wear as well. Keep it up babe! I love aloe vera too!

  4. sometimes its also good to read something about girl thing though i can't truly relate, but its fun to read something like this sometimes (weird of me). Anyway, you look prettier with that and everything is just simply applied, but awesome. I might share this to my best friend cause she need it. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. I love this look. You look like Liza Soberano in the last photo. My favorite part of summer is celebrating my birthday! haha

    I've been longing to buy that aloe gel for the longest time. I am currently waiting for my rose water gel to run out first. haha Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Now I get the NSync song "God must have spent a little more time on you". Paka unfair! Hahaha! But seriously, don't you have a bad angle???

  7. Wow! You look absolutely stunning, I adore this look! You look classy and elegant!

    I love some of Nature Repblic's products but I've never tried their gel mosturiser - perhaps I'll give it a try?