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Last weekend, we went back to my hometown in Lipa, Batangas to visit some relatives. On the way I wanted a coffee break and I was surprised cause I saw there was a Figaro Branch in Robinson's Lipa. I love Figaro for their carrot cakes and Figaro is my dad's choice when it comes to coffee, because he said it tastes like his usual kapeng barako that we love and miss while here in the Manila. I agree with him wholeheartedly on that fact.

FAST FACTS: While their name "Figaro" sounds European, it is a Prouldy Pinoy Coffee Company who made coffee their thing, way before cafes became cool. They are founded around 1993, which means that they've been doing their thing for 24 years and counting.

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They serve a variety of things in Figaro, depending if you are in a full restaurant or a mini branch like this one in Robinson's Lipa. Breakfast sets, pasta, salads and pastries is a staple in all their branches, but in the full restaurant areas you can also get some pizzas, lunch sets and other kicknacks. They have a lot of variety when it comes to pastries too so you can definitely find your best coffee pair here.

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Also, I found some salted egg potato chips selling in this branch of Figaro! HART HART!

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Here's my date for today! Ang cute niya diba? :D #RafaelSnaps

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And here's Rafael's order- a Carrot cake (108 Php). Figaro has some of the most moist and delectable carrot cakes and is great for a quick fix if I want one as a treat. It perfectly pairs with their Americano or Brewed Coffee. It is also not too sweet unlike some carrot cakes which has too much sugar in their cream cheese icing :D Rafael loved it as well, and he's the kind of kid who does not like sweet things unless it is chocolate hahaha!

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Me and Pichi got a Figaro Club Focaccia (245Php), which is their specialty and classic clubhouse sandwich. I've always ordered this in their branch in Alabang Town Center, and I am happy that they are consistent with their presentation and taste even if I visited a branch as far out as Robinson's Lipa.

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Alongside the sandwiches we both got a couple of drinks, one being a Vanilla Frappe (145 php) and the other is their White Chocolate Mocha (120 Php). The hot drink is for Pichi, the frappe is for me. Unlike most Vanilla Frappes that I order from other well known coffee shops, Figaro has that perfect balance and is not overly sweet when it comes to their frappes.

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Of course after the meal I am a happy, satisfied lady with her clubhouse sandwich, as always! Most of my happy family memories are within the confines of Figaro Cafe in Alabang Town Center and I am excited to start creating new happy family memories here in Robinson's Lipa.

Figaro has a coffee club or their rewards card system which you can get for 150 pesos with a minimum purchase of 500 pesos in food and-or beverages.

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They also have an app for the Coffee Club that is available on ios and android. You can pay through the app and store points for every cup of coffee or food that you order. Another nice thing with this app is you can share those points you earned with a friend who also has the same app in their phone. Aside from gaining points which can be used to pay for your next cup or meal, you get insider perks and easy access to their promotions like buy one get one drink, and a whole lot more!

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Upon researching they now have up to 90 outlets worldwide. So go on and support local with Figaro Coffee Company!

Figaro Coffee Company
Ground Floor, Robinson's Lipa, Lipa City

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