Maybelline Matte Metallics Review | My Ultimate Grunge Lipsticks!

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Ever since these matte metallics from Maybelline came up, I vowed to have them one way or another. I may have been a little late in the trends area, but I will have to admit that I am NOT the kind of girl who follows trends. I wear what I want when I want it.

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You see, before, I would put in eyeshadows on top of a lip balm or lip gloss just to achieve this desired effect of having green, blue or metallic purple lips. And these Matte Metallic lipsticks with bold colors from Maybelline just gave me an easier option to wear crazy colors on my lips.

Packaging and Price

While the  packaging is similar to the "Maybelline" label wherein you get a matte or glossy finish of a translucent cap, I wish they also added something extra to the outside, showing a bit of the magic that they have within...

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Anyways for variations, this has a lot of shades but I went with the weird ones, the blue-silver one known as Gunmetal and the green with gold specs, serpentine. These sell for around 299 Php but if you wait for a sale you can get 100 pesos off! Such a steal for me!

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Consistency wise, it is really creamy, more of a satin feel honestly but I am loving the pigment that this has. When you wear it without eating, the solid color can last for up to 6 hours. If you eat, of course some product will fall off considering this is still a usual bullet type lipstick but for the color payoff, I can let that part slide. :) It also has a vanilla smell that is much like how their Superstay Matte Ink lipsticks smell like.


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Here's the shade serpentine on my lips: I love how it makes me look so sinister, even if I made an innocent face. LOL.

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Serpentine is a slytherin green but has gold specs of glitter for shine, which shows when it hits some light. I think this is a "Slythendor" lipstick to be honest.
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Here's the shade Gunmetal on my lips, atop some Audacious Blue from the Loaded Bolds to make it more bright blue. I decided to use it this way because these lipsticks are supposed to be toppers in the first place, but you can use this alone and get a more darker effect on your lips, like the last photo below.

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PS: If you are gonna take them off, expect a lot of glitter around the lip area. :D

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So, if you want a wild pop of color on your lips or if you want to go grunge with some bold colors, the matte metallics of maybelline is the lipstick for you! You can get these at any maybelline coounters nationwide, or through Beauty MNL and Lazada :)
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  1. Ung green Ms Nicole bagay na bagay sayu. Parang inosente pero wild ganun ang effect haha

  2. Bat diko alam na may ganitong shades na nag exist ang Maybelline .late tlga ako 🙁