7 Days with Cetaphil with Ms. Joy Mendoza and Diet Diva in SM Makati

Cetaphil 7 Days (6 of 8) Seven days with Cetaphil is a yearly event that happened in SM Makati last August 20. This celebrates healthy and beautiful #MyCetaphilSkin and they highlighted the three prongs of holistic health.

Cetaphil 7 Days (1 of 8)

This is a week long journey filled with hottest discounts and promos for Cetaphil products, skincare discussions and activities that take place form 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM with a different topic for each day.

I got to join in on day one and we had a little talk, not just about skin health but the whole shebang. Ms. Joy Mendoza, Beauty Bloggers Ms. Nikki Tiu and Ms. Rowena Lei gave their thoughts on their skincare routines and how this affects their family.

Cetaphil 7 Days (7 of 8)
I found some new things when it comes to skincare, like how you should look for a moisturizer with the perfect pH balance for your skin, and that feeling of skin being tight does NOT mean that it is clean. It actually means we used products too harsh for our skin which might start premature wrinkles or even break outs.

In my family, we also use Cetaphil, especially for my eldest because she has Eczema and her doctor and dermatologist recommended Cetaphil so I know that it is really good because it helped my daughter during her formative years. It was not drying on the skin and it actually feels moisturized after.

Of course, holistic health means physical, mental and emotional and we also got some tips from Yoga Plus, Ms. Dinah Salonga on how to go from stressful to restful via meditation. It really just means closing your eyes, having a good posture while sitting and focusing your energy on minding your breathing. It can do wonders for our mental health and besides, doing this really can help one relive of their stress.

Cetaphil 7 Days (8 of 8)
L-R: Ms. Nikki Tiu, Ms. Joy Mendoza, Ms. Rowena Lei, Ms. Dinah Salonga and Ms. Kakki Teodoro

Diet Diva Extrordinaire Ms. Kakki Teodoro also gave a quick recipe that you can prepare days ahead. It is her Yogurt Granola Parfait which is a mix of granola, yogurt and some fruits that is sure to help you satisfy your sweet tooth cravings in a healthy way.

You can still come in today until the 26th to get a peek at these talks and learn something new. They also have sales and for tomorrow they will be on their Day 6 | No to Oily Skin. The talk will be headed by Mommy Bloggers Ms. Kei Zamora and Rowena Lei where they debunk oily skin myths with the guest derma consultant, as well as discuss how Cetaphil's Oily Skin Cleanser can help you target the problems of troubled skin.

Cetaphil 7 Days (2 of 8)
With what I learned from day one, there is a Cetaphil variant perfect for every member of the family. For mine, me, my son and daughter use their cleanser as a whole body wash or face wash, and my husband uses the moisturizing lotion that is safe for both face and body on his face to help out his dry skin.

What's the Cetaphil product you have tried? If you haven't, get one now at SM Makati or any department store/Watson's nationwide :D

Don't miss out on these promos: Get a free sling bag when you buy PHP 1,000 worth when you buy 1 Cetaphil PRO wash and 1 PRO Moisturizer, get a free swaddle when you buy PHP 700 worth of Cetaphil Baby Products, and save with our 2+1 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser!

Choose your Cetaphil in this year's Cetaphil 7 Days and use #MyCetaphilskin and #7DaysOfCetaphil to let them know what goes into your health routine. Follow @cetaphilph on Instagram and like Cetaphil Philippines on Facebook for the latest updates.

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