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Living in the city has its ups and downs. And while we can all count on that perfect out of town vacation for a bit of a break, sometimes it really is much better to just settle for the simple life. Especially when you know that with all your hard work, you definitely deserve a paradise as your home. If you feel like your home is not giving you that peace, paradise and vacation vibes that you deserve, then why not go out into the province and search for your own paradise that you can settle in with Calmar Land.


Calmar Land is a known land development company that has great houses in Batangas, Laguna, and Quezon. 

While you might think it is too far from the metro or from your work, the reality of things is that it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Makati or Manila from Laguna and Batangas- the same time you would allot for a commute if you're coming from Las Pinas or sometimes, around the metro itself!


Work never has to be a problem with that travel time- especially if you have a flexible schedule and just have to go to the metro for meetings or if you do work at home! Batangas, Laguna and Quezon is filled not just with better atmospheres, but as well as hot springs, beaches, mountains and may I remind you of Batangas Lomi and Lucban Longganisa a couple of the delicacies down south to name a few!


Or you can go the rest house route and get a house there with Calmar Land where you can enjoy the weekends in peace! Your kiddos will appreciate it for sure, as they can get a chance to play out in the open and be one with nature. Living there will also mean more bonding time with the family as well as everyday is an adventure!

All these three places are perfect for nature lovers who are tired and sick of the polluted city. These places may be considered “provinces” but in all honesty, it should not hinder you from being there. It should even be a reason! So pick up your phone and contact Calmar Land to see your next paradise.

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