Why I am SOLD on the Asus Max Pro M1

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If you are looking for a phone that can withstand a storm, a couple of days brownout and something that can satisfy your hunger for games and movies on the go, the Asus Max Pro M1 is the perfect partner for you! Check out my review on this baby below and see why!


Before I dive into any details, let's start with it's upfront looks. It is similar to the Max M1, albeit a bit larger in size and the screen is also better for me cause I am used to using phones with screens more than 5.5 inches. It's bight, it has the usual Asus UI and with that, my usual favorites like the split screen with the apps is available.

Inside the Box + Specs - SOLD!


What you will get in the box is a headphone jack, charger, the plug and a jelly case for protection. You will have to buy a screen protector as with most Asus phones the Max Pro M1 doesn't have one attached. For the complete specs please check it out here



Testing with Games - SOLD!


The Asus Max Pro M1 does not heat up as fast as my primary phone- even if I play while charging. And Ragnarok Eternal Love has an auto function so I let the Max Pro M1 play on auto mode. Which meant I started at 100% battery charge, killing some monsters all throughout the night while NOT charging, and it withstood a good 10 hours with me starting at around 10 PM and I woke up 8AM the next morning, it still is on and killing monsters with at least 10 % of the battery left.

Camera - SOLD!

Camera wise, I already know that the Asus phones do great under natural sunlight, so I delved deeper into it's capacity for lowlight settings and while I was low with my expectations, I was kinda blown away with how it handled the lowlight photos below.

I took this photo in a low light situation in Zark's and I am in love with the depth effect.

Asus M1 Pro Test Shots

Asus M1 Pro Test Shots

Asus M1 Pro Test Shots

This one above was shot out door low light setting.

Asus M1 Pro Test Shots

This above was shot in a portrait setting.

Overall Max Pro M1 100% thumbs up for gaming and battery life. For the camera overall it is good enough for me, for front cam are good for selfie mode and will not make you look haggard. I like the depth of field of the back cam, as it feels like an slr. For movie watching, video quality is excellent except for the sound quality which is so-so. If you are an average gamer or looking for an every day lifestyle smart phone, then this is for you.

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Take the chance this Christmas sale to give your love ones or to yourself. Ewan ko lang kung hindi ka pa replyan ni crush pag iyan ang binigay mo. *wink wink*

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