Get that Minimalist or Scandinavian Room Vibe Without Spending Too Much

 Zen. Minimalist. Scandinavian. Kon Mari. Declutter.

Words that point out to keeping what is important. Before, having a big house with a lot of things and decor means success. Sentimentality also plays a big part of why we kind of keep things that we don't really use. And while that's okay, things sometimes go overboard that we seem to become a great candidate for a show in Hoarders. So we'd want to do a bedroom makeover.

room makeover

Minimalism and being a mom is one of the balancing acts that I have been trying to do the past decade. And it is difficult, but doable. 

I have always been someone who held on to clothes and things that have some sentimental value in them. Add the fact that the husband and I have this "you never know when we might need it" mantra, you can probably see how and why it took us almost the same time as our relationship to make our room a "minimalist" place where we can relax.

I am happy to share with you my experiences, and things I wish I knew before so that you too can fast track your way to a better, relaxed, minimalist or Scandinavian inspired environment. Without spending too much. :D

Start with making a collage or pintrest board of what you want. It is good to visualize, but try to think about your space restrictions while doing this. If you have a smallish room like ours, try to stick to designs that make a room nice and bright, relaxing, and think of a color scheme.
Next is to organize all the things you want to keep and be creative with your storage options. 
  • All the things that you think you won't need, you can donate or give to extended family. 
  • Recycling boxes for organizing undies and clothes are a great way to start.
  • All the things that go in the "you never know when we might need it pile" should also be considered. This can be extra wire cables, extra toiletries that were gifted from friends, etc.
  • DIY a chest that can also be used as a seat for all the above items, or think of anything that can be used as storage but also looks cute, has a cover and is multi functional.
  • We utilized the wasted space beneath our bed. We had our old bed customized and added in 4 big drawers when we had the chance and money to finally do it. 

Minimalism can also be a way for you to start being mindful and eco-friendly with your things.

Before we had yellow walls and clutter like wire was everywhere.

A can or two of paint does wonders for your house. 

Ever since I was a child we had white walls in our house. My parents were right when they said to me that that white/ cream walls is the cheapest way to make small spaces look big without actually adding on space. After a couple of years and one termite infestation later we have finally finished our room. 
We added light gray accents and made our closet the same color, to give some dimension to the room without disrupting that one big space scheme that I am trying to achieve. 
room makeover

Long curtains can also help make your windows look bigger and brighter.

I did go for the cheaper versions, and definitely chose one or two plain colors that will match the theme I was going for- white and wood.
Perfect Home PH

If you want a more relaxed bed every time you go inside your room, stick to a color and don't get the busy patterns for bedsheets. You can also opt for an all white bedsheet set. 

Notice that this is what you usually see in hotels, as it is proven to instantly make a person relaxed. This one is an investment, and you have to take good care of it. 
I bought our navy blue 4 piece bedsheet with duvet cover set in Perfect Home PH on Lazada for only 700 php. I went for a queen size and the size for the duvet cover is perfect for our filler. Same for our garterized bedsheet, queen size and it fits perfectly. Navy blue is a great color for bedsheets, especially for a woman's red days when you can't be too sure with white bedsheets.
I am getting another white one from Perfect Home PH just because the thread count is thicker with them and the quality for it feels like something from the department store. The white ones I bought from Shopee for only 500 pesos. It's a bit on the thinner side in the long run, but serves my aesthetic purpose.
room makeover
For my make up, I reused these acrylic containers that were not being used. These are usually used in the kitchen (batang 90's anyone?) but they fit perfectly into this part of my bookshelf. I also used these cheap shoe drawers for my bigger pallettes. 

Look for things you can assemble yourself as these will always be cheaper vs pre-assembled items. 

Like these buy 1 take 1 bookshelves that we got for only 750 ish on FB marketplace, which organizes my clothes and make-up as you can see above.

I found more ideas on how to do scandi/minimalist spaces by watching documentaries, vlogs and podcasts about it. I really recommend Marie Kondo's netflix series for clothing, and some of Safiya Nyagaard's vlogs when she had her room and makeup declutter. You can also join groups like Scandinavian Enthusiasts in FB so you can talk and take inspiration with other people's rooms.

Zen. Minimalist. Scandinavian. Kon Mari. Declutter.

The words above does not really mean to chuck out everything you own, and keep things that just function. Minimalist and decluttering are just words and how you perceive them to be is what really matters. You don't need to throw away sentimental stuff, or buy things ASAP to attain that Scandi look. It is more about making sure that you get a balanced and relaxed vibe in your space or life, instead of throwing or giving everything away.

On the next post, I am definitely showing you tips on how I maintain this Minimalist / Scandinavian look in our room. :D


  1. Very helpful po itong write up nyo! nakakainspire to do a room makeover ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  2. I always wanted to a minimalist lifestyle but to be honest its really hard. But I love the idea of just having whatever you really need vs you want. Maybe in the future I can start living that way! It’s really a challenge but i think it’s worth it.

    My home, not sure but we are not living in a minimalist lifestyle but maybe I could convince my husband to do it!

  3. Hmmm, i should try this especially since i should probably stop spending money lol. Will copy this when i have my own room na haha