Three Tips I wish I knew before I started my path to Blogging

When it comes to blogging, if I can go back 9 years in time, I'd tell myself…

"Don't Stop."

blogging journey

Blogs back then were quite personal, with topics on just about whatever you do. Some of the friends I made from the blogging industry have either quit or adapted to the times and are what you might know now as influencers, vloggers or in a general sense, content creators.

The thing is, I started out with blogging as a means to document my journey to make up. It was 2012, and I wanted to learn makeup and write about it, so I can try out for a modeling career. And because I did not want to fall victim to Casper the ghost look on photos. Or in person.

I stopped blogging after a year because I got pregnant. Mostly it was the hormones telling me why should I even bother with makeup when I don't look my best. But I got back to the writing after three years time, once the babies and life started to calm down somewhat.

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It was the best decision ever, as I was able to adapt and make a career out of it while staying at home with the kids. From just writing, I can now say that I am a full on content creator, with trying out things like vlogs, practicing my photography, posting on social media sites the said photos as well as proper reviews of the makeup that I use on myself.

Now, if you’re new to blogging, wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew the secrets to successful blogging right from the start? 

I guess this is why I'm writing this at the moment- to remind myself and to help out aspiring writers when it comes to the world of content creation. 

First tip: Set a goal and find your Topic/ Niche

If you're gonna try to be a content creator, it will be easier if you can decide on your topic. Will you focus on food? Technology reviews? Ask yourself what is your goal with writing or content creation, and stick to it. 

blogging journey

My goal with my writing was just to be an outlet for what I do and experience. Be it travel, food or makeup. Yeah, this tip on niches might be weird, as my own blog is a mix of things-hence the name Chic Mix, now a Women's Lifestyle blog.

If you're just starting out, I suggest going for something more streamlined, to make it easier to transition into making a career out of it in the long run.

Adapt to the times 

There are a lot of new things happening today. From blogging and solely writing, we are now in the time where you can find influencers who share their experiences more on the social sites. And vloggers who create long and short awesome videos  on essays, travel, food and meme vlogs. The short but concise videos are mostly on tiktok and snapchat. 

Rest But Don't Quit 

This is the most important tip. It also goes back to the one thing that I wish I can tell myself years back. Content creation can sometimes be a bit tiring. If you overwork yourself- you will find yourself in two situations: A depressing cycle of I-want-to-create-but-i-can't-cause-I'm-tired, or just wanting to quit entirely because you might be trying to push out content too fast, which in turn takes a hit on the quality of the content, and you'd feel burnt out.

Hope you start out today, be it as a vlogger, influencer or blogger. You never know where this journey will take you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience into blogging and reminding us to never give up. I myself is also a blogger and content creator find this very helpful and motivational.

  2. as a newbie blogger, these are great tips! i think we have the same niche 😆 i just wanted to document my memories, share my experiences on certain things... stuffs like that. Sad, i dont have the confidence when it comes to vlogging. i just cant haha