OPPO Enco Air: Specs, Price and Why this is Perfect for Calls and Zoom Meetings!

Earbuds that have the same feel as the high end ones, at a much affordable price? Oppo Enco Air is definitely that. With us fully integrated into the work at home set up, a pair of comfortable and quality audio equipment is definitely needed. Let's see if the OPPO Enco Air can give us comfort and quality sound!

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Unboxing of the OPPO Enco Air

This gives a very minimalist and matte design on their case, with the same feel as the box it came in. You're getting a couple of manuals, the charging case, the earbuds as well as a USB-A to USB-C cable  for this one. Hooray for that!

As for the design of the case, It looks and feels like a cute pebble, with a white translucent jelly top which lets you look in the case. Now, while I do love matte things as they tend to be fingerprint friendly, I do think that if you put this in your travel bag it might get some hairline scratches in the long run. You can get this by the way in black and blue too!

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These earbuds have an open-fit design, so you're definitely getting your comfort here. Open-fit means you don't get pressure in the inside of your ear from the silicon tips- cause there's none! With a weight of slightly under 4 grams per earbud, I was able to wear this for quite a long time without my ears feeling fatigue. They’re just really comfortable, and for me comfort is KING in my audio needs.

There's no visible branding on the earbuds themselves, and the silver chrome at the end of the earbuds near the microphone gives it some character for me.

Charging and pairing the Oppo Enco Air

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There's no need for a pairing button as once you open the case, it is ready for pairing. Orange lights would mean charging/low batt and green means good to go. You can't do wireless charging with the case, but then again for its price I am pretty happy already with the usb-c port.  

iOS or Android users can easily pair it without a hitch. I tested this on my Samsung A71, OPPO F7 and F5, our iPhone 6s, my brother's iPhone X. We all got a great sound quality and great connectivity despite a distance of about 9-10m range once paired.

While you get only four hours of battery life in the earbuds, fret not! You also get the fast charging tech of OPPO. If you plug the case with the earbuds to charge for just 10 minutes, you get a total of eight hours of playtime.

Touch Controls and Audio Quality of the OPPO Enco Air

Touch controls for the OPPO Enco Air are simple and located on the stem of the earbuds. Out of the box you can:

  • Double-tap on either side for track skipping
  • long press and hold on the left lowers music volume and long press and hold on the right raises music volume.
  • Triple tap pulls up the voice assistant, and 

Unfortunately, right out of the box, there’s no single tap for play/pause. You can fix this with their Hello Melody app and get customizing your own Enco Air earbuds. I also find it a bit finicky at first, but soon got used to where to touch after a couple of hours.

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The open fit design gives a balanced sound quality, leaning towards the midrange vocals. Bass is of course a bit compromised cause you need a good seal when you want the thumpy bass, something that is not possible with the said design. The guitar solos male vocals, and overall pop music on the other hand are very energetic with this set of buds.

The soundstage is not too cramped and is pretty great. While more complex pieces of music might start to blend together a bit, generally the separation is well executed.
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When it comes to calls or gaming, the built-in high sensitivity microphones that this has is a definite 5-star rating. We've got a couple of noisy renovations happening in the house, and despite that plus the sound of rain and nearby thunder, you're still getting and giving a really clear voice without much noise during calls. This, along with its great soundstage, is definitely why it got the first-ever High-Performance/Low Latency Certificate for True Wireless Earphones from the world-renowned German technical testing company TÜV Rheinland.
What I love the most is that OPPO has kept the sound quite consumer-friendly on these and they’re perfectly fine for casual listening, and especially for taking calls.

Price and Full Specs of the OPPO Enco Air

  • Battery: 440mAh (charging case), 25mAh (earbuds)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 AAC/SBC (up to 10m range) 
  • IPX4 dust and water resistance, touch controls, 
  • USB-C, 
  • Colors: Misty White, Black, Blue
  • Weight: 40.4 g (entire device)
  • Drivers: 12mm titanium-composite dynamic driver
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Microphone: -38 dB/Pa, Deep Neural Network-based binaural audio algorithm

You can get your own OPPO Enco Air for only 2,999 Php in select OPPO Brand stores nationwide.

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