LOOK: Maris, Kyline, AC, Francine, and Belle have joined the Whisper Presko Squad!


More and more girls are discovering the presko fresh feeling of Whisper Breathable pads! Among them are Maris, AC, Belle, Kyline, Francine.  

And they’re looking for even more girls to join their growing Whisper Presko Squad. 


The squad already influenced Filipinas to switch, that 9 out of 10 girls love the new Whisper Breathable*. But they won’t stop until every girl gets to experience the light and airy period they deserve.

Here's Maris and her video! Check out the fun video of the Presko Squad in their official social accounts! You can also see their posts here:

AC Bonifacio

Kyline Alcantara

Belle Mariano

Francine Diaz

Ikaw na lang ba ang kulang?


If you haven’t switched to Whisper Breathable pads yet, what are you waiting for? I experienced that presko protection from the thousands of of airflow vents. And I loved that freedom to go about our day without checking for leaks with the deep anti-tagos channels on the improved top sheet, plus less thigh irritation from the soft wings. 100% MUST TRY talaga ang Whisper Breathable!

Time to say "Hinga lang, girl" like the Presko Squad, and enjoy all-day comfort, confidence, and airy freshness starting today. Ikaw na lang ang kulang!



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