Seven Reasons to GET the OPPO F7 NOW

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The event was graced by Robi Domingo, Julia Barretto, Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador. The latter 3 are part of OPPO's newest endorsers.

Last night was a pretty special night as we finally saw what powers the latest in smartphone technology with the OPPO F7. OPPO has been known as the selfie powerhouse for the past years, and this latest addition to the F Series has delivered beyond expectations from its predecessors. While the F1 is focused on the beautification, OPPO has made it clear with the F3 Plus and their dual cameras dedicated to groufies that they are here to change the selfie game.

And with the OPPO F7, I think things are heating up real good.

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I have here a short video of the phone, with the specs and prices summarized.

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The event was pretty fun with booths showcasing not just what OPPO can do but what OPPO IS, to the millenials of today. Said booths was dressed to reflect the cutting-edge technology that powers the OPPO F7 while catering to trendy interests such as art, photography, fashion, travel, and music.

With AI Platform, as you use your phone more, it gets smarter and gets better in assisting you.

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1. AI Battery Management and the AI Album

And by cutting edge I mean it. OPPO Philippines’ Public Relations Manager Eason de Guzman talked about the F7’s powerful performance, which revolves on maximizing the AI Platform with different collaborations, one of which is with Google Assistant, and how said software has managed to care for our batteries and memories better with the AI Battery Management and the AI Album.

You must be wondering though, what the heck is all this talk of AI Paltform mean?!

AI Platform or Artificial Intelligence Platform's principle, especially with smartphones is that as you use your phone more, it gets smarter and better in assisting you. Weather it is with storing your photos by occasion, date or friend's face, setting your battery consumption properly, depending on the time you are most likely to play games or sleep and charge, or by taking photos and not making your boyfriend look like a girl even with the beauty mode on.

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2. Clearer and Better Captured Moments with 25 Megapixels!

The camera itself has also changed. OPPO F7 is the first smartphone to have a 25 megapixel selfie camera in the world. Partnered with the Sony IMX576 Sensor, which is for live exposure adjustments, you are sure to capture beautiful smiles, heartfelt memories and moments.

With this and the AI Platform, I think OPPO has cracked the code on taking better artful photos worthy of your albums, with their beauty mode making sure to make you look better but not filtered. There are also different modes that can be used either for the selfie cam or the rear cam. There's Vivid Mode, Food mode, Video Beauty and more!
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3. Get Cute with AR Stickers!

No need to download extra apps for your daily stories or cute moments, as OPPO F7 comes built in with a lot of animated filters that's just too cute to ignore!


OPPO F7's innards is not big in size but is DEFINITELY BIG in PERFORMANCE. The OPPO F7 is the first smartphone that's built on a 12nanometers FINFet process and a Heilo P60 chipset. That would be techspeak for "OPPO F7 has an OCTACORE processor which gives improved power optimization plus this processor has the perfect power for all the AI applications that the F7 has."
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The basic F7 has a 4GB RAM that deliver hardware performance of up to 80% faster than its predecessor, and upgraded storage of 64GB with option to expand with a MicroSD card.
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But for the bigshot gamer or those who need more space, OPPO F7 also comes in a 6GB Processor with 128GB worth of storage for your games... Or your travel photos that you just can't seem to want to transfer to your computer anytime soon. Plus that 3400 mAh battery is sure to set us up for the whole day.
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5. Split Screen, Multitasking and Fingerprint + Face Detect unlock Feature

There's no problem with your kiddos wanting to watch a video in youtube while you wanna chat up with friends because you can do both with the F7. Or when you're in gaming mode but your girl calls you as the F7 is equipped with tools for multitasking and splitscreen feature. And for security, you've got a 3 way system with the Face Detect, Fingerprint and Passcode.

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6. FULL HD for a more Immersive Experience

The OPPO F7 maximizes screenspace, with a 19:9 ratio Full HD high color volume screen that's so perfect not just for photos but also for gaming and watching movies. 

7. Expect the UNEXPECTED with Diamond Black.

The OPPO F7 comes in 3 sleek and stylish colors. I usually am drawn to reds, and when I saw Solar Red I was on fire in love. There was also Moonlight Silver which felt more like a wisp or a Patronus, or just the moon's halo color in general. 

But Diamond Black is truly something that is unexpected. Because it shows some grooves and cuts that is meant to mimic a diamond cut, and it also shimmers quite differently depending on the angles the light hit. With all this you would think it is textured, but OPPO has also made it to still be flat and glossy. I may usually be drawn to Reds, but if you want to stand out and be lux, definitely go for Diamond Black!

All in all, I think the OPPO F7 definitely packs a punch with it's new features!

As of April 19 at 6PM, the number of pre-orders has reached a total of 25,133 units. “We are pleased with how well the public is receiving the OPPO F7,” said de Guzman. “The number of pre-orders has surpassed our expectations and shows that the OPPO F7 is able to capture not just real beauty, but also the hearts of our fellow Filipino selfie enthusiasts.”
The new OPPO F7 retails for PhP 17,990.00 and is available in solar red and moonlight silver. The 128GB, 6GB RAM variant meantime retails for PhP 21,990.00 and is available in diamond black and solar red. All stocks will be available starting April 21, 2018. If you have already pre-ordered, there's more surprises waiting for you!
For those interested in purchasing the F7 under a service plan, OPPO’s partners include Home Credit at nine months with 0% Interest, Globe (Plan 1499), and Smart (Plan 1499).

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I definitely had fun with the launch, not just meeting with old and new friends but also meeting with my idols! And if you've made it this far, I suggest you go now, try out and buy the OPPO F7 for yourself as I feel that it will not just be your phone but the OPPO F7 will be a part of your lifestyle.

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With Joshua Garcia of The Good Son 

For more information on the OPPO F7 and upcoming promos and roadshow events, like OPPO Philippines’ official Facebook page or follow @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. omg talaga ba? 😍 grabe si oppo parang ang bilis mag level up ng specs huhuhu.

  2. The photos were taken by the Oppo F7 already? The specs are very tempting and really competitive with the Huawei phones. AI is almost present in almost all phones that are being launched or released these days. It does come cheaper than other phones with AI and I do hope I could try it at some point.

  3. I've had my F1s for some time now. It's done me well and has provided me with great pictures. I'm eyeing for an F7 though because aside from the even more sophisticated camera it'll probably have a better interface. I also like the spit screen feature. Would be very helpful if you needed to work from your phone.