Summer Beach Essentials? Shopee got us covered!


Sun is shining, it is sweltering hot, everybody wants to go to the beach and finally, PAG-ASA has announced it- SUMMER IS HERE! And with summer comes the outings, because we all wanna cool off and go to a paradise- be it beach, mountains or the countryside. Here's a checklist on what summer essentials should not leave your Beach travel bag for summer 2018. And you don't really have to go that far off to buy if you don't have these in your stash- all you need is your phone, the internet and the Shopee App!

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1. Sunblock


SUN PROTECTION FIRST before anything else. There are a lot of sunblock in the market. I personally like the one that is non-tacky, because I know I'll be sweating in the beach, I don't want to feel sticky before that anyways... My top picks for sunblock would be the Belo Sun Expert Travel pack because it's so tiny, cute and travel friendly plus it does the job. Another would be Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 PA+++ as this is much like water and is easily absorbed by the skin- no tacky feeling! The one I have tested thoroughly which I recommend is the Dewytree Brightox Sun Cream with SPF50 PA+++ (review here) for the face and body if you're willing to splurge, as this one I didn't have to change my foundation color after using this while on the beach.

ok lang todo painit kasi may sunblock naman :D

2. Water Aqua Skin Slippers


This one is perfect for walking on beaches that have corals and you don't want your slippers slipping off your feet! (Laiya has a beach full of stones and Matabungkay has quite a lot of jagged corals- this is just perfect!) And the nice thing about this is that you can also find a size for the kiddos. Plus ang mura lang niya oh!

This beach is more on the rocky and coral-ly side. Shot in Laiya, Batangas

3. Suits and summer outfits


Lately I'm opting for one piece suits, because I find that I can hide my stretchmarks better, and suits like this one is like a live action photoshop wherein it can slim you up. And when that zipper is down, showing a bit of your swim bra inside...less is more teasing and tempting.:D

But Shopee also has cute pieces like this mermaid inspired swimsuit to bring out the inner princess in you.. Or your bagets!

me hiding stretchmarks from pregnancy :p

The best thing about shopping online via Shopee is that it saves you a lot of time and the items are affordable and of high quality too. Happy shopping and hope you have an awesome summer ahead!

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