Regine Velasquez-Alcasid cries because of her son Nate

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My kiddos have always been in love with Jollibee. Personally, this love for their food is something that we share because my husband and I are also Jollikids when we were their age. Who can forget that feeling of happiness when our parents give us Spaghetti with Chickenjoy for pasalubong after a long day that they were at work? Add in the fries and it's a winner!

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What's nice about this combo is the fact that for something so simple and affordable, I can make my kiddos smile like there's the sun. Also, as Jenae is allergic to chicken, I hit two birds with one stone with their favorites by ordering said Chicken Spaghetti Value Meal

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And when she finally saw the whole TVC that they made for Jollibee Sweet Spaghetti, she cried. Because “The storyboard is so touching and very personal. It shows my different roles as Regine, but it also shows that my greatest one is being a mom, which is the most difficult yet most fulfilling role I have to play,” Regine shared.

While this is not the first time Regine and Nate worked on an endorsement together, she believes that this one with Jollibee is the most special. "I've never done anything like this, a commercial that celebrates my being a career woman and a mom.” Asia’s Songbird also shared that this Jollibee ad is inspired by her real life and her thoughts about being a mom. “In the ad, there’s a line where I say “sa lahat ng kinantahan ko, ikaw lang ‘ang nakatulog.” That’s true talaga! He really sleeps whenever I sing to him. It’s like they captured our real lives!” she said.

Another scene in the commercial that made Regine emotional is when she sings the lines “Pangako magmula ngayon, tayong dalawa ang magkasama,” which is lifted from one of her platinum hits “Pangako.” This song holds special meaning to the songstress as it was composed by her husband Ogie Alcasid. Which is also what she and Nate sang in the launch.
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(From L-R) Jollibee Brand Engagement Manager Cat TriviƱo, Brand Manager Kat Silvoza, Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and her son Nate Alcasid, Marketing Director for Flagship products Cathleen Capati, Brand Engagement Officer Celina Tan. 

 Regine’s realization is not lost on Nate, who—despite his parents’ celebrity status—prefers simple bonding activities like going on picnics and playing with Regine and Ogie. To make these bonding moments even sweeter and more fun, there’s always the sweet-sarap Jolly Spaghetti to bring more flavor to the Alcasid family’s special time together.

“When it’s time for merienda, he would say “I want one Jolly Spaghetti, two Chickenjoy legs, and two fries.” When I’m not at home, he would ask to order Jollibee and pay for it with his own money! Hindi niya ako hihintayin!” Regine candidly shared.

“The Jolly Spaghetti is so yummy!” the six-year-old exclaimed. “It’s sweet, cheesy and soft and I can eat a lot of it!” It’s no wonder why Nate—and other Pinoy kids—love Jolly Spaghetti. The al dente noodles are topped with Jollibee’s unique sweet-sarap sauce, meaty hotdog slices, and a generous sprinkling of grated cheese.


The Jolly Spaghetti Solo retails for only P50.00* and the Jolly Spaghetti Family Pan (good for four to five persons) for P199.00*. Both are available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for dine-in, take-out, delivery, and drive-thru. 

I usually get the pan alongside a bucket of chickenjoy if Jenae and Rafael have been really good. It's also what they asked for after their graduation day. Moments like that accompanied with "Mommy, Daddy, I got a medal, can we have some chickenjoy with spaghetti please?" really make our family moments sweeter and more special.

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