Comic Cons are coming up left and right, and with the recent Avengers Infinity War movie that just came out, I'm pretty sure that movie and comic nerds alike are hyped up and are looking forward to try and dress up like their dream character. Me personally I've always wanted to dress up as a female version of Iron Man and as of late, for some reason I want to do Elektra.

My first foray into cosplaying, I got most of my things from Shopee. It really is a great app that has pretty much (almost) everything you will need. With that, I present to you your possible basic needs that will definitely be on your wishlist for COSPLAY 101.

  • WIG
Most characters have crazy hairstyles- especially if you're tackling an anime character, or an alien species like Gamora. Or even just a simple blonde, and you don't want to bleach and color your hair because that would take up too much time. Wigs are the perfect go-to when it comes to changing your style, and the hair is always the cherry on top when you want to look like a certain character.

Shopee has a lot of wig sellers, most of which are High Quallity. What's best is while quality wigs may cost a bit of fortune, the shopee app goes on sale so if you're getting it an affordable price you're sure to find another that is on sale for sometimes up to 50% off!

This is another detail that you should definitely not skip, especially if your character has an out of this world eye color. It can really bring out the intended character that you're pursuing. It can also help you get more in character, like say... You're up for cosplaying Hela, the bad ass sister of Thor who has this mesmerizing green eyes that feels like it can look into your soul...


Cosplaying doesn't have to be super complex, especially if you're just starting out. Characters like Scarlet Witch, Black Widow or Nick Fury only needs a bit of creativity in selecting clothes. Scarlet Witch for example usually dons a red leather jacket, black dress (or black shirt and skirt combo) and some combat boots. Paired with a smokey eye and scarlet lips and some accessories and you're done.

Black Widow's Shield costume is also a no-brainer, as all you need is a black long sleeve bodysuit (which you can later get to have some repairs and details done if you can't sew it yourself), boots, guns and the belt.

Personally, the boots I used here as well as the craft foam for the skirt of my Iron Man costume I got from shopee as well. What's nice with buying these is aside from a great costume you can also use these for everyday wear too!

Shaping your face with contouring, blush and changing skintone to look more your character is also essential in cosplaying, to help you look more like the character you're portraying. There are tons of makeup in shopee so no fret! And if you're thinking how the hell you can do Nebula or Gamora, there's also face paint to help you out!


COSPRAY: An alternative if you don't want to deal with the sweaty head or if you already have the right hairstyle for your character and all you need is a change of color

What I learned with my first foray into cosplaying is that you just need to be a bit more creative than usual to get the character you always wanted to do. Weather high or low budget, you can always make ways to get to the character you want to portray. 

I'll see you in the next toy con, yeah? I'll be the one in red! :)

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  1. You'll fit right in as Elektra for sure Nicole! I would fit right in as Majinboo however. ^_________________^

    P.S what I like about shoppee is the ability to ask the seller for the actual photos and photos of it after packaging. something the competition doesn't have as of yet. iimprove lang ni shoppee delivery nila and it will be super!

  2. Aha Wanda haha see you in convention haha
    I really want to try cosplaying again.. it was truly an amazing experience and I just love the overwhelming community. I haven't tried shopping with Shopee neither Lazada but it seems like they are great platforms to look for those hard-to-find costumes.. especially the wigs that matches the character you want to portray...
    I was eyeing for a PUBG inspired cosplay this year... hopefully :)