Cute place to get your Milk Tea: A Rest Tea Naga Road

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So last 2015, I reviewed A Rest Tea Place (click here for the first review), this cute Milk Tea Shop in Bamboo Organ church. After a couple of years, they now have way more branches, one in Makati, one near Perpetual Help in Las Pinas, and I hear that they're also expanding to Imus, Cavite. For this post though I'll be touring you around their Naga Road Branch, which I visited with a couple of friends as well.

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It is located in Naga Rd intersecting with CAA rd, just above this Watson's Shop. In line with what made A Rest Tea Place popular in the first place, when you visit, you'll still get that cute, cozy, instagrammable vibe where you can chill with friends unlike a normal resto where you sit on actual chairs. Parang Bahay Kubo pegs ang nandito. They also still have the board games, all you have to do is ask the cashier upfront if you wanna play. The decor is also versatile cause you can use the mini pebbles on the table for their sungka game, which you can also get at the cashier.

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Food is way better than the last time I reviewed them at the Bamboo Organ branch, with new additions such as the Dynamite. Their cheese sticks here are also bigger and worth the price. Tacos are your usual, but is still satisfying. The kiddos loved the fries, and I think that most of the fare is affordable.

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What makes me go back is the drinks, as I really love their Wintermelon Milk Tea, and Jobert is all for the Cookies and Cream one. We tried something new here too, which is a chocolate drink of some sort. Honestly, the cutesy bottles are nice but if you're ordering something with whipped cream on top it's better to ask for ones with a wider mouth hehehe...

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I think what makes A Rest Tea Place so great is that their ambiance and affordable food make you really relax and enjoy your time with friends. Our kiddos sure had a fun time here, and I think it's a nice place to hold mini birthday parties of some sort. :)

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