DewyTree Brightox Multi Sun Cream Review and Price

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So I'm back with another review and this time it's sunscreen, the Brightox Multi Sun Cream by DewyTree! So summer is here and usually I hate putting on sunblock simply because it can be a bit greasy and tacky, especially on the face. *Sue me, sorry na hahaha*

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This one though, I'm impressed. I didn't get any tacky feeling because it sets quite fast, and when I used this on the beach last december at Matabungkay, I didn't tan at all. I can tell cause I didn't change to my darker colored foundation after that trip last december. 

PS: Tirik po kaya ang araw nun kahit december and madalas ako makipagsabayan sa beachin activities like banana boats and snorkeling hahaha

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It comes in a squeezy tube packaging with a nozzle and it has SPF 50 PA+++. It's got a bit of flowery clean scent which dries out asap and you only have to wait for a minuite to have it set. 

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Really, what makes this one worth it for me is aside from the triple protection, instant brightening effect is the fact that I don't have to reapply as much and I still didn't tan. 😄
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It will definitely be in my summer essentials this 2017 :D

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You can get the Brightox Sun Cream at the dewytree website: or in their official shopee shop for around 700 pesos or 14,000 won.

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