#Skinvesting at Home: Luminisce By Doc Kaycee Goes Live on Youtube this September!

Did you know that checking in for your health and wellness can also be done online nowadays? Doc Kaycee, founder of Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations, makes our skincare consultations a bit easier with the launch of her new Youtube channel!

doc kaycee channel

Doc Kaycee has years of learning and experience on her belt and I have personally witnessed how she takes care of her customers, a few friends and I included. 

Which is why I am excited that she is making holistic skincare and wellness accessible to all with her new youtube channel, Luminisce by Doc Kaycee.

This is after she launched Innosense Organics, the healthy one-stop shop for your body a while back.

Luminisce glambox and innosense Luminisce glambox and innosense Luminisce glambox and innosense

What started with Glambox kits that help us to maintain our physical skincare and selfcare evolved into also having us get preventive care for our body with healthy food by Innosense Organics. It all evolves to a better and more accessible health solution with Luminisce opening up their own youtube channel. All this while having skincare deals that are so affordable, especially with their recent To the Nines Anniversary promos.

Doc Kaycee mentions that health is wealth and there's no one pill that can cure everything. But prevention is definitely better than cure. 

"The idea of being beautiful inside out is honestly difficult especially with the heightened stress we get because of the pandemic. We are reaching to patients so they could reach their goals. We started with online consultation, treatments in the clinic and send it to homes. We also launched SOL REVIVE, mobile on wheels, to do preventive care. These are aesthetic treatments that can be scheduled and arranged with patients."

"The Luminisce by Doc Kaycee YouTube channel would be some place to inform people with evidence based medical procedures."

doc kaycee

Her channel will focus on skincare, and talk about how you can take good care of it with your family. Aside from her giving expert advice, she will also have guests in the show like the Legaspi twins, Carmina Villaruel and Zoren Legaspi.

You can check the teaser videos here on youtube.

First episode starts on September 23rd so head on to her channel and subscribe today! You're bound to see topics that include mental health, life in the pandemic, preventive medicine, and how these things relate to skincare and into being and feeling beautiful inside and out.

Check her YouTube channel here: youtube.com/c/luminisceByDocKaycee

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