Nine Fresh SM Southmall | These Juifen inspired dessert bowls and gems is your next sweet treat!

Craving for desserts? How about a mix of taho and halo halo? I've recently found a gem of a shop that serves refreshing desserts, and I'm excited to share them with you! Nine Fresh is a popular Singapore dessert chain that offers Taiwanese inspired dessert bowls. They definitely satisfied my sweet tooth and also left me full and fresh despite the hot day I had.

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I went to their SM South mall branch and bought a few things to go (hello MECQ), mostly because I wanted to try out their milk tea at first. But I got so curious with the jelly cups and bean curd cups that I decided to just go for it. They're really affordable and the price vs quantity and quality ratio is really sulit. 

They're located at the Lower Ground floor of SM Southmall, under the stairs near the stall of Potato Corner.

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Nine Fresh is known for its signature bases — bean curd made from freshly-grounded  soya bean almost similar to our version of taho, grass jelly, a different style to the familiar local gulaman, and refreshing Ai-yu jelly made from the seeds of fig fruits that is lightly sweetened with black sugar.

The gems on top are different colorful and tasty toppings that make it extra yummy, cute, and instagrammable. There's a lot to choose from, starting with black pearls, soft or  roasted peanuts, lotus nuts, barley, red beans, green beans, pinto beans, eight treasure beans, sweet potatoes, yams, konjac jellies, black sugar jellies, aloe vera pearl jellies, mango pearl jellies, lychee pearl jellies, passionfruit pearly jellies, grape pearly jellies and many more.

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Here are some of their bestsellers. I myself got the Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly, the Nine Fresh Signature bowl and the Pearly Bean Curd bowl because I love taho, and I love the pearls on milkteas more than the actual drink. 

Price ranges from 95 Php to 125 Php at max for a big bowl of their dessert.

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Nine Fresh Milk Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea

Nine Fresh milk teas stand out from the others. That's because you have the option of having Bean Curd as a topping! I love this because I don't get that too rich taste and feel of cream cheese, as bean curd complements the milk tea subtly and is a better on the mouthfeel than cream cheese. 

I got my usual 0 sugar for the Milk tea and a 25% sugar for the Earl Grey that they serve. I can definitely taste the tea, which is perfect. The milk used has a similar taste to the ones that I tried in Hong Kong. Their pearls though are on the chewy side, and not overcooked, which is nice. Best part is for all of their teas, you'll only spend 60 to 100 Php with toppings included.

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Nine Fresh Red Tea with Aloe Pearls and Ai-Yu Jelly

What really surprised me though is how refreshing their Red Tea is. If you want a light drink or a change from milk tea but still want your pearls and tea, I recommend this 10/10.

I went for a 50% sweetness, and the drink is a bit of tangy and sweet. This also comes with any toppings you want, which in my case I had them add some Aloe jellies, and now I finally have something that trumps all other milk teas in my opinion. 

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Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly

This is my top choice. If you're thinking of ordering for takeout or deliveries, or as pasalubong for the kids when you get home then please get yourself some fruity Ai-Yu Jelly. It is made with ai-yu jelly, aloe vera pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, konjac jelly, taro balls and a splash of milk when served. If you're getting it for take out you also get a mini cup of milk to go.

Nine fresh Signature Bowl

The Nine Fresh signature bowl is perfect for people who loves beans on their halo halo. This has a bean curd base filled with grass jelly, red beans, green beans, pinto beans, peanuts, and taro balls.

Pearly Bean Curd Bowl

This one is made out of bean curd (taho), mango pearl jelly, black pearls, konjac jelly, and taro balls. This is like Taho but on an extra level. You're getting some sweet syrup notes from the jellies, and if you're like me who gets milk tea for the pearls or boba, then this is the better option for you.

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If you're near the area, try them out. I promise you'll be filled up with joy and freshness when you try out their dessert bowls. Below are their details and other branches that you might be near to. 

You can also order them via Grab or Food Panda so check your app and have them delivered to your doorstep today!

Nine Fresh Locations

City Center, Second Level (in front of DQ)
12 PM - 6 PM Daily
Upper Ground Level (opposite Jollibee)
12 PM - 6 PM Daily
Lower Ground Level (in front of carousel)
12 PM - 6 PM Daily
Upper Ground Level (outside Mary Grace)
12 PM - 6 PM Daily
Lower Ground Level (in front of Foodcourt)
Monday - Thursday: 12 PM - 7 PM
Friday - Sunday: 11 PM - 7 PM

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