Smoother and Better Skin with Dermablate Fractional Laser by Luminisce | Review with Results

luminisce dermablate Everybody craves for smooth and poreless skin. It's why most camera phones nowadays even have their built in filters. Now, you can achieve that smooth and poreless skin for real- even if you have deep acne scars, uneven skin tone and a couple of wrinkles with Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations' latest available treatments!

The Dermablate Fractional Laser 


Fractional lasers have already made their mark in the industry to give one a better, rejuvinated and renewed skin. Unfortunately, the cost of this is not just the money from your pocket but also the time ti takes for your skin to recover. The Dermablate Fractional Laser that Luminisce offers is revolutionary because you have a significantly short downtime as compared to other fractional laser treatments available in the market today.

luminisce dermablate
Dra. Maisie giving the details on what Dermablate is about
We were given a very extensive explanation by Dra. Kaycee and Dra. Maisie , but I think the video can help you to understand what happens to the skin when we use the Dermablate treatment:

How MCL31 Dermablate by Ascelpion Laser Technologies works: 

Skimming over the mumbo jumbo of science, the Dermablate laser gives:

  • a high, precise "ablation" or removal of material from the surface of the skin.
  • The ER: Yag laser expertly penetrates through epidermis and dermis without damaging the skin surface or the dermis, in two ways as shown in the video above. 
  • The laser targets the water in the skin tissues and skin damage from the heat transfer is avoided. 
luminisce dermablate

The doctors said that you can use Dermablate for any part of the body, and I did the procedure myself to check it out.

The Dermablate Procedure:

luminisce dermablate
They have two machines that they use. One is the actual Dermablate ER: Yag Laser and the other is a cooling tube that helps with the heat of the laser for the skin. While the procedure does not really hurt, they still put on topical anesthesia for the comfort of the client. If you will be doing this procedure on the face, it is customary to wear goggles to protect your eyes. To see more on a face procedure, check out martin's post here.

luminisce dermablate

I had mine done on my scraped knee, which I stupidly got a couple of months ago alighting a jeep. It was so bad that it ripped my jeans and here's the result. While it was already healed, the scar is too dark for my liking. And there was a bit of a pit in the middle that would make a great test subject for this laser. The procedure is really simple, nothing to be actually scared of.

luminisce dermablate results after a week

They cleaned up the part that will receive the treatment, added some numbing cream and waited for 30 minuites to do its thing, pointed the laser at it, heard a beep then it was done. The laser left these square marks with dots on my knee, and it got a little bit darker after a couple of days.

I was given a topical Fluocinonide ointment to be used after 3 days on the knee, and I was very pleased with the results because now, my scar is lighter than it was before. I guess the collagen that was recreated beneath the skin kinda helped make it look better and the pit that was in the middle is now less obvious than before.

If there was that much improvement in a really traumatic scarring and part of my body, imagine the wonders it can do to our face! And the downtime is worth it cause it will be for less than a week!

According to Dra. Kaycee Reyes, patients will see visible improvement in terms of tone, texture, and elasticity after  just one treatment, but it will let you be on the road to smooth, poreless skin in a series of sessions. Dermablate can be done once every two weeks for up to 10 sessions during the treatment phase, and once every four to the six weeks as maintenance.

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