Sharp Celebrates 9 Million Washing Machine Production with a BANG

sharp 9 million washing machine 2019 (1 of 6) Sharp Philippines celebrates history and future with their 9 million washing machine production milestone. They started some 30 years ago here in the Philippines with locally-made washing machines that sold since 1987. Employees who were there with Sharp Philippines since 1987 were given recognition for their loyalty and hard work through the years. The event was led by Sharp Philippines Corporation executives, Mr. Kazuo Kito President and General Manager and Emmanuel Valencia Executive Vice President of sales.

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And along with the recognition of their beloved employees, SPC also donated washing machine units to 9 orphanage and evacuation centers in 9 baranggays of Muntinlupa.

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Top quality products that are affordable for the Filipinos is Sharp PH's main concern. With continuous efforts, armed with more than 30 years of experience, they have evolved products which perfectly suits both the needs and wants of consumers.

Sharp has released a variety of Washing Machine products fit for everyone’s different needs. From Washer, Dryer and Twin-Tub to Fully-Automatic. SPC continuously strives to develop Japan Technology products that can surely make every consumer’s life more convenient and comfortable.

Sharp always aims to give better products that can innovate our lives, from tv sets ,cookware, air purifiers and now, they are looking forward to releasing new Washing machine models under the Ultrawash Series.

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These are to be of local Fully Automatic Washing machines which is the answer to improved lifestyles of the Filipino people. Promotion and giveaways are also to be expected this coming ber months!

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