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Going green has never been easier with Refill and Beyond! Pollution via plastic containers and micro plastics are now up on an alarming level. This is no secret, but while we all know that we should reuse, reduce and recycle, the execution is a different matter entirely. With RnB, barangays and hotels can go zero waste the easy way with their refill products.

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Why Refill and Beyond

small pine suites refill and beyond
Refill and Beyond Body Wash in Olive, Green apple and Lemongrass Scents

I got to go to Pine Suites Tagaytay a couple of days ago for the launch of Refill and Beyond.While it was an official launch, I've already used some of their products before, mostly the organic shampoo bars and soaps, and they smell really good, clean awesome and are great for those with sensitive skin. The focus this time though is on RnB's main products- the liquid cleaning solutions.

Did you know that 60% of what we actually pay for with our shampoos and body wash are on the plastic packaging?

Which would explain why the usual price for a 400 ml body wash is priced at an average of 200 pesos.

But if you go to Refill and Beyond, use your old, clean shampoo bottle (or any clean reusable plastic bottle), the total price for the refill of a body wash would count for 72 PESOS.

Aside from the obvious savings, you also save mother earth in the process.

small pine suites refill and beyond
Refill and Beyond Dishwashing Soap in Lemon, Liquid Detergent in Lavander and Ocean Breeze and Cotton Crisp Fabric Conditioner
Their products range from shower gels, dishwashing soaps, liquid detergents, and Fabric Conditioners. Prices range from 0.12 Php Cents to 0.18 Php Cents per mL. Their olive body wash is really in similar vibes to the ones you can find in Body Shop, and another crowd favorite is the Lemon Grass body wash.

small pine suites refill and beyond
If only there was a scratch and sniff portion in blogs, you will definitely get why I am in love with their cleaning solutions, shower gels and such. They smell so nice and are competitive in price and quality with the commercial products in the market today.

I personally am in love for their loofah soaps and their head to toe body soap slash shampoo bar. The loofah is plant based and they have made it so colorful and cute.

EARN while Saving the Planet

You can also set up your own refilling station in your area! No need for a really big capital- you can start for 1,500 Php or less! With the price of detergents and fabcons rising, I think this is a great way to get big on the savings or earnings- sell to your barangay and let the extra money pour in! Just contact them in their website or facebook page below.

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Another thing is if you have an air bnb or are part of a big establishment, I hope you contact them for deals and collaborations. I personally like the point that there are big soap dispensers in the hotel room, much like the ones in Japan and other countries that I've been to. This saves the trouble of having mini containers and plastic lined paper for soaps to be in the trash, which means it goes somewhere in the ocean.

Refill Programs:

Refill At Home: Store to home setup wherein one can have their own refill station and/or visit our partner stores to buy and refill.

Refill At School: Since the youth is our generation, we intend to partner with schools and sell it there as well.

Refill At Work: Companies like restaurants and hotels may bring the concept to their workplace so employees may experience it as well.

What is Refill and Beyond

Refill and Beyond is a Philippine company that promotes packaging free consumerism and has helping the environment at its core vision and mission.
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They do this by creating soaps and liquid cleaning solutions that are not only effective but also are created with less carbon footprint and is friendly to our oceans. They have their own chemist who heads up the research and development of their products. They test their products on themselves and other friends and family so you are assured that Refill and Beyond is cruelty free.

A Bio Environmental Engineer friend of mine who is currently doing her research over at Taiwan once told me that the price of going green is not just on the end product. It is also about the process of making it and about the sustainability of materials used. And you can be assured that Refill and Beyond's products are eco friendly from the materials, to the creation process and up to the after you use it. All of them are biodegradable and the soaps' ingredients are ocean friendly.

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I would also like to think that it was Refill and Beyond's initiative that gave the idea to major companies to set up their refilling stations at malls the past summer.

If you made it this far, I hope that you got inspired to help out our planet cause we only got one. :D

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Refill and Beyond

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/refillnbeyond/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/refillnbeyond/
Contact them at:0917 142 0133

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  1. wow may ganito! sana may malapit, curious ako sa lemon grass body wash and wanna try the cleaning solutions �� Also ang ganda ng contribution nila sa environment. The idea of putting up our own refill station is affordable thus very economical and saves mother earth ❣️