Smile for the Right One when you Swipe White with Close Up White Attraction Naturals!

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I really love to smile on and off camera. Unfortunately, with my addiction to milk tea, or during the times that my gums bleed, I notice that I have somewhat stained teeth, almost but not quite similar to the ones that smokers can also get. And while you brush your teeth and get them cleaned at the dentists', I am sure that clean teeth is definitely not equal to white.

Variants and Claims of Close Up White Attraction #SwipeWhite

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The NEW Closeup White Attraction comes in two variants that is sure to get the right one attracted to your smile in two weeks time! You have the Natural Smile infused with Lemon essence and sea salt and Natural Glow which has Coconut extract and Bamboo charcoal.

Lemon is known to whiten teeth, remove stains (we even use lemon in clothes and other things!), give a citrus fresh sensation and remove bad breath and odor. Sea salt on the other hand has teeth whitening properties, can strengthen gums (which I badly need), remove all bacteria and plaque, neutralize pain and kill germs. Close Up combined them and made it into the perfect aid for your brighter smile!
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For Natural Glow, it is known that coconut helps to improve gum and oral health through coconut oil and bamboo charcoal is a widely used ingredient to whiten teeth, help prevent coffee stains, bad breath and gum disease which makes it an all natural solution for a brighter smile.

Price and where to buy:

A full size product costs 76 Php for 100 g. You can get yours at any supermarket, drugstore, department store or have it shipped via the lazada, shopee and beautyMNL online shops nationwide.
You can also get some at Sampleroom along with other items for free! You only have to pay the shipping fee, which is quite sulit if you get it with their other items.

Overall Review:

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I personally love the Natural Smile variant more because I just love lemon scents better. Bonus points that I can achieve my pearly white smile once again in just two weeks! I've been using the natural white variant for 4 days now. So far, I love the cleaner and fresher breath I get with it, I don't have as much gum bleeding as I normally have and I really think that it helps whiten my teeth.

But I will be updating this post with a photo of my teeth before I used this and after, so see you in a couple of weeks!

Get yours now and achieve that pearly white teeth for a ngiting pang #SwipeWhite!!

Kayo, which one do you want better? The Lemon and Sea Salt or the Bamboo Charcoal and Coconut? :D


  1. I'll be trying the lemon/sea salt. Perfect combination talaga ang active ingredients ng 2 variants na yan. will recommend this to my inlaw na sensitive ang gums 🙂

  2. Naku! Kailangan ko ng ngiting #SwipeWhite! Thanks for this review. Isasama ko to sa grocery list ko this weekend.

  3. I love the lemon essence plus sea salt variant of the Close Up white attraction. And I must say it is really effective because after I brush my teeth I can see its difference.

  4. Uy ang cute ng packaging. Parang facial wash. Hehe. But I love the lemon scent ha. I want to try it.

  5. My teeth are super yellow because i am constantly drinking coffee. Maybe using this instead will make my teeth whiter. Maybe then, may mag swipe right na din sakin. Huhuhu sad.

  6. Wow thank you po for sharing must try this

  7. ohh! mukang bet ko matry itong variant na ito. lemon ay pampaputi din. talaga eh. ive always love close up dahil sa minty taste nito. will definitely check this out