Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Candidates get a Zen Rooms Welcome Pool Party

Selah Garden Zenrooms Miss Asia Pacific International (11 of 11) A Pool Party to remember was held in Selah Garden Hotels last week! It was in celebration of of Zen Rooms Partnership with Miss Asia Pacific International, one of the most prestigious international beauty pageants. The exclusive Pool Party also kicked off the exciting sales and activities that ZEN Rooms has lined up for the candidates during their stay at the hotel this season.

Selah Garden Zenrooms Miss Asia Pacific International (1 of 11)


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Selah Garden Zenrooms Miss Asia Pacific International (4 of 11)
Introductions by all candidates were held, and a voting was cast by everyone there for the "ZEN Darling of the Night" award which will also help ZEN Rooms determine its brand ambassador.

Hosting more than 50 candidates from across the globe made Zen Rooms Selah Garden excited to give the MAPI ladies and their fellow travelers the best relaxation and ZEN experience within the city that they deserve. As per Mr. Amit Shukla, the reigonal marketing director of  ZEN Rooms, the welcome party is just a start to the string of activites that they have lined up!

Selah Garden Zenrooms Miss Asia Pacific International (2 of 11)
"We want to show them how hospitable the Philippines is and ZEN Rooms will always showcase that same hospitality to each of our guests."

Zen Rooms Sale and Activites Announcement

Apart from the Welcome Party, ZEN Rooms has a variety of interesting events lined up throughout the season:

During the Swimsuit Competition Preliminary Event, ZEN Rooms will be presenting its Miss ZEN Asia Pacific International 2019 Award to the candidate who will become the new ZEN Rooms brand ambassador and will get complimentary stays at any ZEN property throughout Asia.


ZEN Rooms will hold an exclusive After-Party for all the new Titleholders of Miss Asia Pacific International at ZEN Rooms Selah Pods Pasay's Rooftop Pool and Bar.

You can join the giveaway campaigns happening right now on Zen's page and partnered influencers to win exclusive access to all the upcoming activities. So make sure you follow them @zenroomph (both FB and Instagram) to be a part of their exclusive giveaways and events!

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