Benjie Paras and Sons are Cleaning Your Home with Sun Soft by MSE

sun soft benjie paras (8 of 9) I got introduced to the Paras Family, Mr. Benjie with his sons Kobe and Andre last week for Marikina Shoe Exchange's cleaning line: Sun Soft. They were being very coy and cute about things, but one thing that stood out was how they mentioned that they also have a couple of chores that they loved to do. And it is made easier with Idol sa Linis, Sun Soft by MSE.

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Sun Soft has three variants:
  • Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent
  • Sun Soft Heavenly Fabric Conditioner
  • Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid. 
Washing the dishes is one of those things that helps me meditate, and of course I would need something that can clean well while not dry out my hands!
SunSoft Dishwashing Liquid

Benjie Paras himself loves washing the dishes and the dish washing liquid from Sun Soft is one thing that he really loves. 

You can notice it in their pomo photos with Sun Soft. Here are other reasons why Benjie Paras and his sons love the Sun Soft Zesty Lemon Dishwashing Liquid (P125 for 270ml):
  • You can clean up to 5x faster compared with the other brands cause of its concentrated formula
  • It completely removes dried stains, odors and cold grease or “sebo” from plastic, ceramic and stainless steel utensils with ease
  • Said Dishwashing liquid also has an easy rinse formulation leaving no soapy residue
  • Fresh summertime scent on your plates and utensils with no strong chemical odor 

Andre on the other hand loves doing his laundry because he is really meticulous about his clothes. Kobe's favorite chore, interestingly is to clean up his dog's place and free it from poop.

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Which is where the Sun Soft Paradise Powder Detergent (P185 for 800g) and Heavenly Fabric Conditioner(P280 for 1000ml) go in well. The great thing that Kobe, Benji and Andre noted with the Sun Soft Detergent and Fab Con is that the clothes stay fresh even through a whole day’s work on Basketball training or tapings.

You can also use the detergent in other areas, not just clothes because of its power deodorizers and long lasting fragrance.

When I was a kid, my mom usually used detergents not just to clean up the laundry but to every part of the house. I remember pouring up some powder detergent and using that to clean up the poop in our dog's area back home to get rid of the smell, washing it up and waiting for the sun to dry it. I can totally see Kobe using the detergent too when cleaning up the doghouse.

Sun Soft Detergent, Fabric Conditioner and Dishwashing Liquid are currently on sale on a buy one take one basis, which you can get via:

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SunSoft Detergent Powder
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  1. Saan sila available?? Galing Ng endorsers nila

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    Anyway, hahanapin ko yang Sun Soft sa supermarket para matry ko din. I cannot wait!

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