Bring your Bento Baon to the Next Level with Asvel Philippines

The fun, bubbly and cute Andrea Brillantes recently had a Meet and Greet for her fans as Asvel Philippines new brand ambassador.
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Asvel Philippines Baon Boxes

I love that they had the bubbly Andrea Brillantes for their brand ambassador because it will definitely speak to the younger ones that Baon is cool, and having a creative bento baon with asvel is even better.
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While Asvel focused on their food storage boxes during the launch of Andrea as part of their family, the japanese brand also has tumblers, rice dispensers and other storage must haves that will help you create that perfect, organized lifestyle.

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A bento making sesh was also in the works that day. Bento is basically the japanse word for "Baon" because it reffered to the lunchboxes. But here in our area, I think bento translates more into "Creative Looking Baon". It was headed by one of the Bento Mommas, who had a couple.of tips that's perfect for food storage as well as baon. I myself dabbled in a couple of creative bento baons when my daughter was younger.

I loved Asvel Philippines Luntus Bento Box, like the one above because it has a clear cover, to see how your masterpiece with food looks. Their bento boxes also have separators, which helps things look more organized.

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Their boxes also come usually with a set of chopsticks, and their Gift Box is really nice because it is complete with a bag too. Plus the boxes are very versatile with the separators, made of high quality durable material, are microwavable and dishwasher safe. One of the better investments in my opinion. And when it comes to "bento" and baon, I would trust Japan products cause having been there myself, I am sure they only give out the highest quality their technology can give.

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Bento Baon Tips

I sometimes consider Bento lately as a "KonMari" to food. You organize and design to make it look more attractive. Also, after a hard day's work, it is nice to eat something homemade, healthy and cute looking once in a while.
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Being creative with food does not have to be hard. You also don't really need the special tools right away if you are just starting- instead of having cookie cutters you can try washing some of the kid's shapes toys and using those specifically for food. Or you can also be creative with scissors, some characters, tape and toothpicks. Adding some color with food picks are an easy way to make your "Bento Baon". Some companies even offered colored ketchup so you can use those if you want to be creative with the food.
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One tip I found useful from the Bento Mommas is dipping sliced apples in lemon 7 up or sprite to make sure it doesn't go brown. I also found out that Jasponica rice is better suited to molding when it is room temp. And Sinandomeng has to be molded when it is hot to retain the shape you want it to make.
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After this I kinda miss being creative with food again. I might just post my Bento Creations too on instagram, thanks to Asvel Philippines. #IbangLevelSiAsvel

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