Rexona Deo Dry Serum First Impressions #UncompromisedBeauty

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Rexona surprised the world with their latest innovation on anti perspirants- the Rexona Deo Dry Serum. It harnesses the power of nature to give a gentle yet effective formula that whitens underarm skin and dries instantly.

Rexona Deo Dry Serum

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I got to try it out on a series of work outs when Rexona transformed five fitness studios into their Rexona Beauty Playground. It was all pink, fun, and preppy, complete with hairties, socks and mats that we needed for the hour's worth of fitness. I only got to try a couple of them though that are nearer my place.
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The Rexona Beauty Playground at Beyond Yoga

I was surprised that Yoga sessions in Beyond Yoga made us sweat buckets. Most of my forehead and the whole body is wet, but the right armpit where I tried out the deo dry serum stayed dry and fresh all through the sessions. The yoga felt challenging to my body but the armpits stayed sweet smelling and dry.

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I personally love the sakura scent more than the rose one. I love that it dries quickly and no white residue or yellowing of my white clothes appeared during and after the sesh. It has a lotion-y feel when it gets out of the tube but once you spread it on your pits it somehow turns invisible and gives a very faint powder feel. It has whitening properties, with the vitamin E and 10x natural licorice extract for natural whitening. While I don't really advocate for whitening, I like the fact that I don't have to worry about my armpits being wet because of workouts, MRT and commute or just the general hot weather of Manila. Having an active lifestyle or just an active commute every day to work, the Rexona Deo Dry serum is here to keep up with all that without any compromise.

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The new Rexona Deo Dry Serum is available in Natural Whitening Fresh Rose and Fresh Sakura for Php 130 SRP for 50ml tubes in all leading supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide. You can also get it at the official shops at Lazada and Shopee. Check out for more information.


  1. Wow! Anti-perspirant deo! I loveee that fresh sakura scent, will definitely try this. Ang bango nito for sure! ❤️

  2. Rexona Dry Serum in Fresh Sakura 😊
    Love your review ❣️

  3. Wow love the rexona. Ayan nadin ang gamit ko when i was high school ako at hangang ngayon..

  4. I love to try the Whitening Fresh Rose 🥰🥰🥰

  5. how was it, since the first time you started using it? its the first time i learn about it. i think im going to buy one for me!