Isla Vista Beach Resort: Serene Paradise Getaway in Zambales

Zambales is known for many things, and one of them is the pristine beaches. Located at the center of Uacon Cove is Isla Vista Beach Resort. This lovely resort is tucked away in a quiet and secluded area, ideal for those looking to get away from the fast paced city life and immerse themselves in nature.

Isla Vista literally translates to See the Island. In this case, you can see Potipot Island, a 3 minute boat ride from Isla Vista.

I went with friends to see the place and the drive was definitely worth it. The coast line wasn't crowded, there's a couple of shaded areas to stay in the sands and watch the sunset- and that's just the start! You're also getting breathtaking views of clear waters and gray sand beach. Whether you're looking to unwind and relax or indulge in exciting water sports activities, this resort has everything you need for a relaxing vacation, plus a little something extra too!

Isla Vista Beach Resort Amenities, Rooms and Rates

Isla Vista has a nice, serene coastline, a pretty large pool, a basketball court and billiards, a restaurant serving affordable food and yummy drinks among other things.


We stayed in the Courtyard Accommodation, similar to their Beach houses, which is a really big house filled with 4 rooms, a big kitchen and living space perfect for karaoke nights and big cook outs. 

But what makes Isla Vista different from your usual resort is their Beach House Package with Dedicated Service Staff. 

We definitely enjoyed a hassle free and comfort-loaded stay with Don, our dedicated resort staff. He made us feel pampered as he made sure to cater to our needs. He assisted us throughout our stay in Isla Vista. From room preparation to doing errands like going to the nearby market to buy food and touring us around over to the nearby islands, he did his best to ensure we enjoyed our stay in Isla Vista. He was also the one who set up our videoke, and fixed it to the volume that we liked, among other things.

They currently have on going summer promo at around 7000 Php for a group of 10 people for the beach house with dedicated staff. It costs 9650 Php if you are a bigger group of 15 people. I'm definitely going for this set up again for my next stay here with my family cause of how convenient it is, especially after driving from Manila.

Isla Vista also has rooms to suit your group- be it for only 2 to 4 people or for up to around 10 or more. I got to peek at the Queen and Twin rooms that are perfect for small families. They also have dorm rooms perfect for big groups, with a separate shower and water closet for convenience. Room rates start as low as P2000 for 2 pax rooms, with breakfast good for two. 

Food in Isla Vista Beach Resort

Their restaurant Papu Nena has a wide variety of mouthwatering Filipino Dishes. We had our breakfast in their restaurant and the lunch that was served was also from Papu Nena. My favorites are definitely their Adobo Sa Gata, the freshly caught seafood, grilled meats, Pancit Bihon and a range of vegetarian options.

You can also opt to do a Sunset Salo Salo dinner starting at around 2,500 Php for 6 pax. You're getting mouthwatering dishes like Inihaw na Bangus, Adobo sa gata, BBQ Liempo, Salo Veggies and different fruits plus buko juice. There's also a larger set meal for 12 pax, and if you have requests the restaurant can also cater to that. 

This is a definite must do when you stay here, as they fix up the place with a couple of beach lanterns and watching the sunset while having dinner makes it pretty memorable, be it for families or for you and your friends.

What to Do in Isla Vista Beach Resort

You can do quite a lot of things here, from basketball, billiards and beach volleyball. You can also have a night swim or pitch your tent and camp out. You can also lounge by the pool area if you don't want deal with the sea water in your eyes. They also have a GIANT beach ball! I definitely had fun playing with the giant beach ball with friends and watching the sunset afterwards.

If you're up to it, you can also do island hopping to Potipot Island and Magalawa Island. I recommend you take advantage of the convenience Isla Vista gives with their Island Hopping tours. It can cover your trip from Potipot Island up to as far as Hundred Islands if you're game, as they're also near the area. They will be the one who will fix up everything for your Island hop adventure. The beach front is the perfect jump-off point, especially for Potipot Island. 

We booked ours for the best island and sand bar in Zambales - Magalawa Island. Its powdery white sand and pristine, crystal-clear waters surely took my breath away and is the very definition of a tropical paradise.

Here are some of my tips and reminders when going to Isla Vista Beach Resort:

  • Make sure to bring your sunscreen, and drybag especially if you plan on doing the island hop adventures.
  • Better to have an underwater case for your phone ready or bring a go pro to take photos hassle free while in the beach itself.
  • Towels, shampoo and soap are provided, but I recommend bringing your own toiletries as well, especially if you are a large group or if you're partial to specific brands.
  • They have a mini shop up front filled with Isla vista merch and some essentials too. But please make sure to ready your Gcash or cash for transactions.

How to get to Isla Vista Beach Resort

Via Car from the south, easiest way to Isla Vista Beach Resort is pretty easy as Skyway to NLEX to SCTEX.

If you're from Manila, you just have to GPS Isla Vista Beach Resort and:
  • go through NLEX, exit at SCTEX/Clark Airport
  • Keep left and follow signs for Subic
  • Take the national highway until you get to Candelaria, Zambales
  • Look out for signs to Daway
  • Take the left to Daway and continue down the road to reach Isla Vista Zambales.

To get to Isla Vista Beach Resort in Zambales by public transportation, you can take a bus bound to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales from Manila. Here's how:

  • There are several bus terminals in Manila that offers trips to Zambales. Usually, Victory Liner and Five Star Bus, has trips. Take the ones going to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. These are the towns nearest to Isla Vista Beach Resort.
  • Inform the conductor or driver that you are going for Candeleria and drop off at the street leading to Daway. Better to ask the resort to pick you up, especially if you have stuff with you. Total travel time via car or public transpo is an estimate of 5-6 hours, and the destination is definitely worth the time.
With Isla Vista Beach Resort, trips with family, friends, co workers or even with big groups is definitely more fun and extra convenient too. You can definitely experience that island paradise feels, be at one with nature as the waves come crashing down the shore, enjoy good food and create wonderful new experiences and memories with friends or family.  The rustic but charming property elevates the beach resort experience, alongside its well-loved pinoy hospitality at budget-friendly price points. 

For inquiries about Isla Vista Beach Resort, you can check them out via facebook or the numbers below.

Isla Vista Beach Resort

Ealdama St. Km249, Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales, Candelaria, Philippines

Isla Vista Beach Resort | Facebook

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