Klara's Bulalo Cafe Tagaytay Review: Dinner and All Day Breakfast

Went down south to Tagaytay to cool off with a couple of friends. This is the go to spot when you want to escape the Manila heat but just can't afford the time to go to Baguio. Aside from the cool breeze, people frequent the place for great food, especially Bulalo.   

Bulalo is a Filipino soup made with bone-in beef shanks and vegetables like Baguio beans, cabbage, corn, pechay, and potatoes. The best part is the sinfully rich bone marrow! You might think that it is too rich, but when done right, the warmth and umami this dish brings is pretty much food for the soul amidst the cool Tagaytay breeze.

I was with friends when we went to Kara's Bulalo Cafe. It was nearing sunset, and I was pretty pumped to finally get that warm soup since nighttime is coming. The big yellow sign is easily identifiable even at night. You also don't have to worry about parking as they have a spacious parking area.

Klara's Bulalo Kafe Ambiance

The Interiors at Klara's Bulalo Kafe

Dining Al Fresco at Klara's Bulalo Kafe

Located along the restaurant strip in Mahogany Avenue, Klara's Bulalo Cafe is actually an acronym for the different members of the family who owns the business. You would notice this in their menu below. :D 

Menu and Price of Klara's Bulalo Kafe:

Any meal for any time of the day, Klara's gotchu. You can also have your snacks here if ever you are not ready for a full meal as they have the Kafe menu. 

The place has in house dining cooled by an aircon when the weather gets too hot, and an alfresco dining set up. Here's what we had:

Klara's has some of the best Buffalo wings that I ever had. Not to mention these things are huge, and for the case of the Garlic Parmesan wings, extra crispy. The meat is pretty juicy and for something that big, it is also very flavorful. Sulit ang isang order mo dito, may fries pa. This can be found in the Klara's Kafe menu.
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Ramon's Kalderetang Baka

Klara's does something so magical with how they handle their beef. This is just the start, but it is so wonderfully tender and fall off the bone good. This is one of my favorites alongside their Krispy Kare Kare, Bulalo and pancit bihon guisado. The latter unfortunately I don't have photos because it was THAT GOOD. :p

 Adobo Rice

This adobo rice is perfect for sharing with up to 3 people, and the cubes of lechon kawali above is also pretty flavorful. You can order this, and just ask for a bit of bulalo soup if you want and Klara's would happily give it to you.

Krispy Kare Kare

The best of both worlds is here with Klara's Krispy Kare Kare. This has their Krispy Pata that is good for sharing for 4 to 5 people, coupled with kare kare sauce, snappy string beans and puso ng saging among other veggies. 

Klara's Special Bulalo

Klara's special bulalo is the star of our dinner. This has a flavorful broth and tender beef. The vegetables add texture to each bite. There was no need for patis on this bulalo, it was that flavorful. It also has less "sebo" as I was able to down a couple cups of the soup without any dizziness happening. 

Klara's Special Bulalo

Sinigang na Bulalo

They also do bulalo in other ways, like Sinigang and Sizzling. Sinigang na Bulalo has Kansi vibes, if you want a better kick for your soup. 

Adobong Pusit

Beef Salpicao

They also have pasta options available, and we tried out their Pasta Vongolle (clams) and Gambaretti. Both are al dente, with a light sauce and generous amounts of clam and shrimp accordingly. 

For our dessert, we had a lucious two scooper Affogato that blew our mind. And I had a glass of their Sago't Gulaman, which is served in a VERY tall glass. :D

They also have acoustic nights which recently launched. I can easily imagine having a nice date here with a special someone, or awesome dinner with friends and family. Plus, if this is what we get for dinner, then I can't wait to go back here and try out their much loved Buffet Breakfast. I hear that it is so good that on weekends you'll have to call ahead and reserve a slot for sure seats, albeit they also accept walk ins. 

Klara's Bulalo Kafe

Address: Mahogany Ave, Tagaytay, Cavite

Contact number: (046) 430 1520

Dining Options: Dine In, Pick up/ Take out

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/klaraskafe

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