pH Care Welcomes Belle Mariano and encourages ladies everywhere to take on their goals with #GoLangGirl

Two young icons—beloved by girls of all ages—are currently celebrating their 20th year: actress Belle Mariano, adored by fans since her child star debut, and her newest endorsement: feminine care brand pH Care, known as the no. 1 feminine wash in the Philippines.

pH Care has been the no. 1 trusted feminine care brand by Filipinas for the past 20 years. With an intimate understanding of the delicate feminine needs, pH Care has been providing everyday care for every Filipina from puberty to all stages of her life. As the gentle and safe feminine wash every female can rely on, pH Care encourages girls to be confident and smart, and to pursue their talents and passions fearlessly—the exact reasons why Belle Mariano is an ideal endorser for the brand.

Meanwhile, Belle is considered one of the most-loved young actresses of her generation, gathering a cult following when she starred as the lead character Maxpein Zin del Valle in the TV series He’s Into Her with her loveteam partner, actor Donny Pangilinan. And like most fandoms, DonBelle fanatics look up to Belle as their role model—an idol and on-screen friend worth emulating. In fact, fans showed their deep love for Belle when she topped the Twitter Trending list after pH Care released the official teaser for her ambassadorship.

pH Care is a haven where girls can feel cared for—and this is why Belle Mariano can go through her busy days without worries. Feminine concerns are often unpredictable, with many factors causing odor such as sweat, hormones, clothing, and diet. Like a role model they know they can look up to, girls also need a feminine product they can always rely on. That’s why pH Care is now formulated with pH Care OdorProTech, a technology that neutralizes bad odor in the feminine area. 

Through the hashtag #GoLangGirl, ph Care hopes to inspire girls to take on their dreams and goals—most especially not the ever-changing hassles from their feminine area. This is why Belle Mariano can go through her busy days without worries, feeling good all throughout the day.

With Belle Mariano’s entry into the pH Care family, the brand hopes to further spread the message that spreading knowledge and right information on feminine care is important, especially for young Filipinas. Together with Belle, all Filipinas are invited to join in the feminine care journey. pH Care has four variants to choose from Natural Protection for antibacterial care, Cooling Comfort for icy clean feeling, Delicate White for natural whitening, and Floral Clean for moisturizing care—all with pH level of 5, as well as the lowest SRP, making it the most affordable feminine wash in the market. Now it’s possible for feminine care to be gentle and safe for everyday.

The young actress shares: “When I was younger, I wish I knew that talking about my feminine concerns shouldn’t be something to be ashamed about. Hair, monthly periods, bodily fluids, even our choice of underwear and feminine products, they’re all normal. As the newest member of the pH Care family, I hope to be the voice I longed to hear when I was younger.” All it takes is finding an OB Gyne-tested, hypo-allergenic and antibacterial feminine wash that answers their daily feminine care needs. With a pH level of 5, pH Care products are gentle, safe and suitable for daily use.

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