EcoFlow Unveils Game-Changing Portable Fridge-Freezer and Air Conditioner-Heater for On-The-Go Comfort!

Achieve the perfect blend of rugged outdoor experiences and luxurious glamping comfort with the revolutionary EcoFlow's Glacier and WAVE 2.  These ingenious items are crafted by Ecoflow, a trailblazing eco-friendly energy solutions company. To everyone who travels and loves hiking or camping, sometimes we can't help but just wish for that cool treat, even if it is just a gulp of ice cold water- even if in the outdoors. EcoFlow has ingeniously crafted a portable fridge-freezer in the form of the Glacier, and a portable air conditioner and heater combined with the Wave 2.

Here's a peek of what the EcoFlow Glacier can do:

No more warm drinks, warm fruits or just grabbing buscits and nuts while traveling! The EcoFlow Glacier is not only a portable fridge-freezer but also the world's first with an integrated ice maker, providing you with refreshing cold beverages and tube ice wherever you go. 

The EcoFlow Glacier comes with a 298Wh removable battery, offering 40 hours of refrigeration or below-freezing temperatures for 19 hours on one charge. It produces 18 ice cubes in just 12 minutes, perfect for drinks when camping and in outdoor gatherings. The unit has two compartments with separate temperature controls for cooling and freezing at the same time. Its powerful compressor can cool from 86°F (30°C) to 32°F (0°C) in 15-20 minutes on Max Mode. The Eco Mode ensures longer battery runtime for extended adventures.

You can also use solar panels to charge the battery, aside from it being AC Powered, or can be charged via vehicle. You can also use it for a portable charger for even your laptops! Perfect for people who work from anywhere as long as there is a wifi connection. 

All-Season Comfort On-The-Go with the EcoFlow WAVE 2

The EcoFlow WAVE 2 on the other hand is the ultimate companion for adventurous souls who are sensitive to extreme weather conditions. You get to experience powerful cooling and heating capabilities in this second-generation portable air conditioner and heater, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout the seasons. 

This is not just for outdoor use though, you can also use this if you have tiny homes, or if you want to have a solar powered aircon on hand for the home.

The WAVE 2 is adjustable with multiple modes, including Eco, Sleeping, and Fast. This allows you to customize your experience. You can adjust the temperature, settings, and more easilyvia the EcoFlow app, giving you complete control over your environment.

While you can charge said battery via AC/DC or via Ecoflow's own powerstation, the fact that you can also recharge it via solar makes it the better option for when you need to have an aircon for a smallish space. The solar input of up to 400W enables you to harness renewable energy and embrace a sustainable off-grid lifestyle.

Price and Where to Buy the EcoFlow Glacier and WAVE 2

The EcoFlow GLACIER Combo is initially priced at Php 54,490 but currently on sale for only Php 49,049 until June 30. This offer includes a FREE EcoFlow Camping Chair + Trailer while supplies last.

As for the EcoFlow WAVE 2, it has a regular price of Php 70,839, but the launch price is Php 63,759, which also includes an EcoFlow Camping Chair + Trailer until June 30. Alternatively, you can purchase the EcoFlow Wave 2 alone for Php 42,689 or the EcoFlow Wave 2 add-on battery for Php 30,999.

Both the EcoFlow GLACIER and EcoFlow WAVE 2 are designed to easily fit at the back of any car, ensuring hassle-free storage and transportation wherever your journey takes you.

I am currently looking to get the EcoFlow Glacier for myself, as I see it can also be handy for emergency situations like power outages or natural disasters. 

I can definitely see it being a lifesaver as it allows one to preserve essential perishable items, food, and medications when electricity is not available.

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