Drawings: Jack Frost and Elsa of Arendale

July 11, 2015

I made this one as a cover for my fan fiction in wattpad- Mr. and Mrs. Frost... I'll also post the story here sometime soon...

Scan 2 

I'm more of a traditional girl when it comes to my drawings, but I did try to color it digitally via my iPhone. Yep. #MedyoMatyaga. :3 I'll post the colored one when I post the first part of the story in this blog.. ;)

Excuse the specks of dirt, the scanner that I used was pretty dirty and quite old already.. Maybe I'll just take photographs of my sketches next time? :)

Till the next!

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  1. Galing! Wattpad writer and illustrator in one!

  2. cartoon crush ko yan si jack frost! :D :D nice drawing sis :)

  3. WOW ang galing. My husband is a graphic artist at napapabilib talaga ako pag nagdo drawing sya :)

  4. I noticed that more and more bloggers are into visual art lately. ;) As someone who also draws, I'm happy that more people appreciate and do what I love—drawing. Can't wait to see your future works! :D

  5. Nice! hope to get back into drawing too..

  6. how i wish i have that talent, i am more of a sticks drawing person. hope to see more of your works :)

  7. Nice! Such a strong-willed Elsa of Arengdale with a dagger :)
    I've always want to draw too but always set aside so good for you...keep it up girl!


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