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Yeah, I do believe that I had a pretty awesome food week the past few days, and who wouldn't be hyped when you can finally get to meet one of your idol chefs work in the kitchen live, and help you create yumminess in the kitchen with real easy recipes?!

Yummy Kitchenaid
Don't get me wrong, being a mom I do know how to create the basic dishes and I can make magic with left overs in the kitchen, but when it comes to actually making edible food from scratch, the only things that I can make are: Adobo, Sinaing na Tulingan and Pork Bistek. I can't even master the art of Kapampangan Asado which my Husband is so fond of.

So I was pretty ecstatic last July 25, as Yummy Magazine, the number 1 food magazine in the Philippines, and Kitchenaid premium kitchen appliances teamed up for the 2nd wave of their mouthwatering Cooking Demo. And the chef to be our teacher that day? Chef Gino Gonzalez, the country’s most sought-after chefs and the COO and Head Instructor at the Centre for Asian Culinary Studies.

Yummy Kitchenaid
Before the cooking demo by Chef Gino started, avid Yummy magazine readers and food fanatics such as myself were able to make 3 delicious recipes using Kitchenaid appliances. The Kitchenaid 13-Cup Food Processor was perfect for making Tinapa Paté, which by the way is my favorite! As in pinapak ko na siya cause I can't get enough of the stuff hehehe.. Just throw in some stuff like cream cheese, tinapa, garlic and parsley, Pulse and spread on your pandesal or favorite sandwich!


YummyKitchenAid-2297 a

There was also Kitchenaid's Hand Mixer that made it really easy to make a creamy layered dessert called Ube Keso Trifle. I wasn't able to try it though just because I wasn't feeling "ube" at the moment, but I asked fellow moms and Yummy magazine readers and they said it was pretty delish!

Yummy Kitchenaid
To down it all, we got to make Mango Lychee Smoothie with the help of the 5 speed hand blender, which by the way is also the perfect tool to make the delectable Salted Panna Cotta that Chef Gino had made.

At the Filipino-themed cooking demo held at the Enderun Amphitheatre in Taguig City, Chef Gino shared 3 of his favorite recipes:


Asadong Vaca, and YUP, it's pronounced that way in Pampanga as per Chef Gino. Instead of just having to put everything in a slow cooker and let it simmer, he first browned the chicken bones with atsuete oil extract, for the asado sauce before he used the Kitchenaid Slow Cooker for the beef itself. Said slow cooker is very convinent cause the dish takes up 7 hours just cooking. But the result is a mouth watering almost melt in your mouth cuts of beef that's full of flavor. YUM!

Yummy Kitchenaid
Henyo’s Lumpia,which I believe is quite the awesome thing as my home buddies are loving their lumpia here. This is actually made with 15 ingredients put in a food processor until it looked like ground meat. The wet sotanghon that chef had put in the dish reminded me of the vietnamese wraps that my husband is always raving about.

Yummy Kitchenaid
And my favorite of the bunch, Salted Caramel Panna Cotta. This baby is done in 4 easy steps which you can find too in the Yummy PH website. Really, for someone who has a sweet tooth such as myself, I was pretty much in heaven when this arrived in my seat, The Blue Fernate flower petal and mint leaf made it all the more sophisticated. :D


He also cooked Homemade Fishballs as a bonus, an original Yummy recipe that can be found in the official Yummy website.

The Kitchen Games (total opposite of The Hunger Games? hahaha) was also one of the best parts of the cooking demo as 3 pairs of  Yummy Readers and fellow bloggers were selected, and had themselves make and assemble their own version of Banoffee Pie.


Here's the winning dish:

Yummy Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid items were given away to all but only 1 lucky guest was able to bring home the grand raffle prize: a Kitchenaid Hand Mixer.


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Chef gino

Thanks to Summit Media, Yummy and Kitchenaid for giving me this opportunity to learn more about cooking from one of the best chefs here in the Philippines! :)


  1. It was nice meeting you in the GH event at Galle last time :) I've heard of KitchenAid mixers many times over but haven't actually used one. That hand mixer looks so nice and handy! I like! :)

  2. KitchenAid is the stuff of legend lol.

  3. Seems like you really had a great time. I love learning cooking the most so every opportunity I get I grab it. :)

  4. The one who got to bring home the Kitchenaid mixer is so lucky! Kitchenaid is love!

  5. The plating looks so enticing! Got to try one of the kitchenaids too.

  6. I'd love to have that hand blender. I'm not a kitchen person pero pagdating sa desserts, nagiging matyaga ako, haha.

  7. Reading your post reminded me that I haven't used my oven for baking since we bought it last January! Anyare? Owning a Kitchenaid mixer / appliance will happen but first I have to start baking before my husband posts a photo of our oven in OLX! :-)

  8. I think that winning dessert would be great in a mason jar too. I'm gonna try that. :)

  9. It seems like you really had a great time! It shows on your pics :)

    Oh and the Salted Caramel Panna Cotta looks yummy! :)

  10. mrsmartinezsweetie5 August 2015 at 14:10

    Haven't tried the brand ;(


  11. I really love attending cooking demonstrations so as to learn new recipe ideas!