OOTD: Raiding Mom's Closet

Hi! Just wanted to show you guys how I like to dress up on a family day sans weekend date with the Pichi. So my motto for dressing up especially when going out with the kids is "Comfort before Style", so no high heels and it should be something I can move in freely.
Raiding moms closet

Using my mom's hoodie inspired short-sleeved top in a nice muted rose color here, and would you believe that it fits me the same way it fit my mom around 8 years ago... Well, aside from the chest part cause she's got bigger melons than me hehehe...

Also wearing a black denim short from my sister's closet, and yup, she gave them to me okay? Haha... As for the shoes I used a white rubber flats, you know those ones that you see selling in Baclaran or divi for 75-100 Php? :)

So while posting this I miss my mom and sisters, and I'm now thinking of setting a date with them. :)

How's your week so far? :)




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