Mr. And Mrs. Frost: Chapter 1

Jack and Elsa 2 

Decided to finally post this along with the digitally colored version of my drawing before, and I'm currently in the process of typing out chapter 4 of this series... I really am "shipping" #JElsa or Jack Frost and Elsa aside from a couple more, and well, I just hope that I get to finish this series at least... Here we go! Hope you like it...

PS: This was done by an application in an iPhone, so I apologize for the less than perfect coloring style of mine... 

For the Original Drawing of Jack Frost and Elsa of Arendale, click here.

Jackson Overland Frost and Elsa Queen Arendale are the best skilled assasins you can find, but they are working for different firms. When Jack is assigned to get information, capture and kill Anna Arendale, his leads direct him to Elsa, who captures his heart. What do you do when the one you love tries to kill your sister? You get to the source.  

The story is inspired from 3 of my favorite movies, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Frozen and Rise of the Guardians. Familliar characters will appear, and all copyrights of the characters do not belong to me, they belong to the respective companies. 


Drips of water from the shower can be heard through her bathroom door, and the heater fogs up her mirror. She is currently drying up her legs with the towel, while thinking of what to wear for this momentous occasion in her life. As she tries to calm herself on the mirror and think of all the opportunities she can get if she actually gets this job, she braids up her strawberry blonde hair, first into a lace braid headband and buns the rest up.

She settles for a magenta colored dress with black lace long sleeves that drapes above her knees, knee high black leather boots and gathers a teal colored trench coat to go along with it. Who says you have to look boring even when you have a serious profession, Anna always thinks. She didn’t really need any make up, as she had naturally rosy cheeks with a sprinkling of cute freckles and just puts a bit of lip gloss for her puckers, and dials a number on her phone.

“Hey Elsa, guess what?” Anna asked her older sister who was on the other side of the line.

“What?” she asked.

“It’s a really good morning cause I just got an interesting job interview and if I get the formula right, the pay is pretty great!” Anna gleefully tells her.

But as always Elsa was skeptical about all those around her little sister, probably because she was extra cautious after their mom and dad had died and they only had each other. So she asks  with suspicion on who might the employer be.

“ I got the offer from SPECTRA. The head wants me to be his right hand on his latest research, and the interview is later this evening. I have to go get ready sis, Bye!” Anna shuts the phone so as to not hear any more say from her sometimes overbearing sister, and when everything was set, she gets her keys and slams her door shut, excited for the next chapters of her life.

On the other side of the line, Elsa was finishing up her make up, blending in her frosty purple-red eye shadow, a dab of mascara and finishes off with a Lime Crime Poison Berry lipstick (purple berry shade) which really made her signature sexy and sultry frosted look. 

She too, was getting dressed for a mission of her own, and so she wore one of her best outfits which was a black leather corset, fishnet stockings that had pull up garters and black leather boots that went all the way up to her knees. But as she had to conceal her intentions, she also wore a black trench coat that went all the way down to her knees and tied up a crystal blue scarf around her neck. Then she got her bag, went out of the house, got a taxi, and left.

As she arrived at the building, Elsa was scanned by the guards and found nothing much inside her bag, except for a couple of things like a blindfold and handcuffs. The guard looked at her and she looked at him with her blue eyes meaningfully, raising her eyebrow and giving the guard a smirk. 

The guard let her in the hall, and she entered the frosted glass door of his suite. As she scanned the place, she noticed that there was a mini office on one end of the room, and by the balcony was a bed that was covered with black and white blankets, and thought that the room is themed to the owner’s persona. 

She took a deep breath and resumed to being very charming when she heard someone from the bathroom spit water. Then he appeared. He looked at Elsa with his yellow topaz eyes, curious on what may lie underneath Elsa’s coat. Then he raised his brows and gave a nod to Elsa, as if he’s very excited to finally unwrap his present.

Elsa took off her coat, looking straight at him, and, revealing the corset and fishnet stockings she was wearing underneath, also undid her braided platinum blonde hair which fell down her back and framed her face with soft curls. She looked like a sultry vixen, which the tall lithe man that had pale white skin and slick spiky hair smirked in response. 

He was very pleased.
Now Anna was anxious about the interview, and so she was practicing in the taxi on what to say if the interviewer might ask her about her studies or even her recent breakthrough about her research on molecular structures.

“Hi! I’m Anna Arendale! Nice to meet you sir!- Wait, no that’s not the proper tone….”

She knew that she had to get the job if she wanted to make it in the big time fast.

“So I heard that you need someone who can treat your chemicals right..- Uhm, no, it sounds a little too overconfident”

God! I just wish that I actually get it right. What if I screw this up? What if I don’t get the quota? But then, what if I’m THE ONE that they hire? Oh yes I do hope that it happens like that! Anna thinks to herself.

“We’re here miss. That’ll be a hundred bucks.” The driver exclaims.

“Oh! Here.” Anna looks for her wallet, and hands over the money to the driver. She gets out of the car and sets off to the penthouse suite where the interview will happen.
Elsa has the guy half- naked, handcuffed and kneeling in the center of the room near the bed. She’s walking around him, holding a mini whip.

“I hear that you’ve been a bad boy, Black. Do you know what happens to bad boys?” Elsa asks. Then she hits Pitch’s back lightly with the whip, just leaving a little trace of pink blush and it faded quickly. Pitch takes deep breaths and smiles erotically.

“They get punished.” Elsa resumes her walking around Pitch, and you can hear her heels clipping on the floor.

“Ohhh yeah baby punish me…” Pitch Black excitedly claims.

At that second, Elsa grabbed his head and twisted it, breaking up his neck. Pitch Black thudded on the floor. Elsa then grabbed her coat, and even had some more time to tie up her crystal blue scarf around her neck.

Then she grabbed her bag and anchored one handle onto a lamp post hook, and jumped off the building, unharmed and unscathed. She was not noticed by anybody as it was already dark and it was the rush hour, and so as she landed she got herself a taxi and left, just like that.
This is it Anna…  
Anna was scanned by the guards, and was told to just go straight the hall to get to his office suite..

“Hello? Sir Black?” Anna said as she knocked on the frosted glass door. “Sir? I’m Anna Arendale.” She turned the knob, and found that it was not locked. So she entered the room, scanning the place and noticing it’s black and white theme. “Sir Black? I’m here for the interview…”

It was eerily quiet in the suite, and Anna walked some more, seeing the mini office at one end of the room. And noticing something else on the other side by the balcony.


Anna screamed as she saw him, Mr. Pitch Black, lifeless and half- naked on the ground. She ran for dear life out to the door into the elevator, not looking back, and not noticing the pair of green eyes that locked unto her as she ran.


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