When finding the right Bra for you...

I've been through a lot of changes, and one aspect of that *points to all of myself*  has gone through the most of the said changes are my melons. Okay, my breasts. hehehe..

I've been a teen, a breastfeeding mom and then the inevitable happened: My breasts became sad. Err, saggy I mean.

I think this is due to the normal process of pregnancy and not really with the breasfeeding part, but now I'm  finding myself at a loss on how to get the right bra for me cause of that.

Fortunately, while derping around the internet, I came across Freshpair.com which is an online shop that not only sells bras but also gives out advice on how to get that perfect fit of bra for your breasts. :)

I came across their article which explains some of the common breast changes and also a few exercises that is meant to help give the breasts that little lift that they need... I was pretty enlightened with the facts and findings that I found. You can check them out here.

Did you know that 90% of bra support is in the band? Yep. Not in the cup but the band.. As the article from Freshpair had said, It’s your suspension bridge, your foundation, your way to a perfect fit. The band is literally your bra’s base and is built to support your breasts. It should feel comfortably snug and sit perfectly level around, front to back. If it rides up your back, it’s too big. If your straps are falling, it’s too loose. It must be snug. A good rule of thumb is, if you can use two fingers to comfortably skim the inside of the band, it’s correct.


And another thing that you have to check of course is the containment of our little perky buddies in their cup. All cups are not created equal.

The cup on a 36A is not the same as a cup on a 32A because it changes in proportion with the band size. Whether your original band measurement is the same as your actual bra or you’ve discovered your new band size, your cups need to fit properly and contain the breast tissue. To determine if you need to go up or down a cup size, you can check out their tips and tricks here.

PS: Scattered all over this article are my top 3 favorite designs! They have lots of other designs though which lets them cater to every type of woman :)

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