Drop the Gadget and get your Kids Moving this Summer | Milo Summer Sports Clinic

Summer is finally here! As a kid I have always wanted to try out something new but for some reason my parents are always saying "next time" until I graduated highschool, and got to college and never really got my chance. Well, I'm promising to give a chance to my children so that they may learn something new and awesome for their summers :)

Learning a new sport or discipline doesn't just offer fun for the kiddos, they are also a way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for them. And joining a Sports Clinic? This gives our kids the opportunity to harness their social skills and gain new friends, and also acquire character building traits like confidence, discipline, perseverance, respect, teamwork and sportsmanship. Oh yeah, and you'll never know if your child will be the next one to bag a gold medal for the country with his or her chosen sport if you don't let them give it a try. ;)


A great place to start would be to enlist your children in Milo Summer Sports Clinic. I am honored to be a part of the launching of 2016's Milo Summer Sports Clinic, where they introduced 3 new sports to choose from the roster that they have the previous years, totaling to 17 sports that our kids will enjoy!

  • Triathlon

  • Golf

  • Fencing

  • Badminton

  • Basketball

  • Bowling

  • Chess

  • Football

  • Touch Rugby

  • Gymnastics

  • Ice Skating

  • Karatedo

  • Swimming

  • Table Tennis

  • Taekwondo

  • Tennis

  • Volleyball

Not only were we parents given the chance to know more about the upcoming Milo Sports Clinic, we were also given a Karatedo demonstration and Milo also offered mini sessions where our children were able to experience what an actual Milo Summer Sports Clinic Class would be like.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mZ01DjZRFk]


Our children were able to take a chance to check which ones would they like to try out for their Milo Sports Clinic by trying the sports and learning a bit of the fundamentals in a 10-15 minute time range.




As I now know, basketball training is pretty intense so for your boys who are into plaing basketball, develop their passion for the sport and let them train! ;)





Here are our kids who enjoyed an active fun filled day at City Club in Alphaland Makati.

With Milo, moms and dads can raise their little champions to be active in their sport of choice. Drinking Milo with Activ-Go everyday helps energize both the mind and body so kids will have that winning energy to fuel them before and during every game.

As per the Q&A that happened, if you want to let your kids join and get the experience of their life with Milo Sports Clinics, you can check out http://www.milo.com.ph. Kids of age 7-14 is the ideal age to join in, but for some sports like taekwondo or gymnastics, children as young as 4-5 years of age can enter.

Simply visit the website, download the registration form and check out class schedules, then fill them out and submit to the organizer of the sport of your choice with an empty 1KG pack of Milo.



As the summer unfolds, let your child make the most of their vacation by being active and help them build themselves to be champions in life. :)


  1. As parent myself, I would love to expose our kids to diverse learning opportunities outside school. But opted to enroll them during summer, specially in Math, to prepare them for the next SY. Aside from math, we enrolled them also in swimming and music.

  2. For my kids, I too am having them enrolled in a reading comprehension class this summer aside from swimming. :) I really wish though that my own parents had me enrolled in these when I was young, I really could've used the swimming or taekwondo classes now heheh

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