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Wow, I feel that it's been a while since I did a food review for my blog, although, yes, I did get to sample the fare at Vikings SM BF recently, (really should get onto writing that), but here I am again, logging in my latest gastronomic adventure. This time, pichi and I were around B hotel and Bellevue last week to sample the fare there, courtesy of zomato. :)

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So let me start with the Prime Cafe, which is located at Ground Floor, B Hotel, 2107 Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang. The as the ambiance is very chill and relaxed, it is perfect for dinner dates or just chilling out with family on a sunday, as well as conducting business meetings.



And now, on to the FOOD!


First up is Miso Soup which had a very hearty and comforting seafood taste to it. It was like I tasted something that my mom made for me when I was younger. It was showered with tofu, salmon and shrimp bits and a few bits of seaweed as well. I love that the miso was not overpowering the taste of the salmon and tofu and everything is in balance. :)


Their Crispy Sisig is a sort of hit and miss for me. Talking about the positives of this dish, the sisig had a pretty awesome taste and crunch to it, and that alone is addicting enough for me. The sad part of this dish is that it had a little too much mayonnaise for me.

Personally I think it would depend on the type of sisig if it would need mayonaise(the ones that are not as crispy or as "sizzling" or those sisig that are lacking in flavor in the pork itself), and even then it would only need a bit of the white stuff... I think this dish could very well improve a LOT if they would just hold back on the mayo for a bit and let the star of the dish shine, which is the crispy pork sisig. :)


The Sizzling Gambas is so PERFECT. Upon first bite of the shrimp itself, you can tell that the stuff is fresh, has that smokey grilled taste and is cooked perfectly. Most restaurants usually have the tendency to overcook shrimp if it's in a sauce recipe but not Prime Cafe. There is very little sauce but this plate is exploding with flavor and is hitting all the right notes. :)


Their Beef Salpicao I found a bit too salty for my taste, and the beef wasn't tender enough for me. I want my Salpicao to be almost like biting on butter when I chew and seriously, I found it a bit too tough. I'm pretty sure though that they'll have that part improved soon, and maybe the salty part was just for my taste as Pichi really liked this one out of all dishes that we had at Prime. :)


This is their Crispy Pata, which is absolutely HEAVENLY. The one thing that I always look forward to whenever I eat crispy pata (or crispy belly) is the skin part. It has to be really crunchy and not a pain in the teeth to eat. The meat as well has to get the perfect balance of not too oily, not too dry and should also be well seasoned. And really, Prime Cafe's Crispy Pata nailed all of what I look for in said dish. I just can't stop eating the stuff, which is already okay on it's own, but the flavors are really intensified when you dip it in their sauce. Pichi was "gently" reminding me to be more mindful when eating this dish cause of my blood pressure. XD


For dessert we had a delectable and moist Chocolate cake with Belgian Chocolate shavings on top. I really loved this cake, but I feel that the syrup drizzled kinda made the thing be out of balance and become a little too sweet for my taste. This would also be the reason why the whole cake was devoured off my plate but the shavings stayed intact. ;)


Thank you so much to B Hotel and Zomato for this wonderful dinner. Be sure to come and visit them sometime, it's  just around Madrigal Business Park in Alabang. Trust me on the Crispy Pata and Gambas, you have to try them at least once, but then if you do, you'll be coming back for more. ;) YUM!


Prime Cafe Alabang
Ground Floor, B Hotel, 2107 Prime Street, Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Alabang, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

Mon-Sunday; 6AM-10PM


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